April 11, 2002


TGIF (for me! neener neener!) This morning we had the walk-through for the household goods shipment. We decided to go ahead and ship almost everything. We're keeping a few kitchen things, one computer and desk and clothes. Oh, and all the DVDs and movies as well as the players. The tiny TV won't make it out of Korea, and if it dies before June, we're more than prepared to buy a little 19" to tide us over until we leave. Can't miss Survivor don't ya know!

I'm still worried about the cats flying in Cargo this summer. I have horrible visions of getting to Tokyo and hearing "Sorry, it is too hot to take your pets." I mean, what in the fuck are we supposed to do then? We won't have carriers that fit under the seats. FatBoy is too fat to fly under a seat anyway. Maybe they would just make arrangements for us to fly later at night or something...I have no idea. We should probably ask and find out, huh?

Today is the last day of WildChild's spring break. She went to class with me last night. The teachers had a great time talking to her. She was a little shy at first, but then started talking a bit more. I'm a little disappointed that we couldn't at least take a little trip down to Cheju-do sometime this week. Maybe we can plan something for next month. It is a little sad that we didn't travel as much as we would have liked while we were living here. Unfortunately, we had a choice to either be in a better financial place when we return to the US or travel. It wasn't a hard choice. We've been very good about not using credit cards....ever. I don't think either of us has used our cards in about a year. I use the check card as the credit card, so I am always limited by how much money I actually have in the bank. If nothing more, I think it was a great habit for us to learn.

I'd love to write more but we have some big ugly project to do here at work today that involves me making a ton of copies. And I was hoping to go home early...

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