March 22, 2002

random blogger entry

Thankfully, someone has offered to tape the Oscars show for me. I'm still pissed about the whole "those in Korea will watch......" whenever I see a commercial for something good. Boston Public? Not here. Friends? Not in Korea. Band of Brothers? Nope.

So.....we have to find an apartment. John's orders were changed and we won't have the jump on the waiting list like we thought we would. That means that I've spent the majority of my online time looking at pictures of apartments in Tacoma. We have a pretty good idea of what his BAH amount is and I think that as long as I find a place for less than $1000 that takes pets...he'll go for it. There are some beautiful places that were near where my friend Val used to live....Gold Pointe. I remember driving by them when we lived there before and alway thinking "Damn it would be nice to live in one of those apartments!" They have plenty of space, three bedrooms AND double balconys (one large one off the living room and a smaller one off the master bedroom) and what looks to be a nice open floor plan. I'm going to narrow my choices down some more for John and then we'll discuss which ones we need to contact and find out about openings. Who knows.....we might get on base or we might just find a house to rent. I kinda want to stay in the actual Tacoma area so that WildChild can go to Stadium high school. She saw the pictures on the internet and loved it! to watch another movie. Started to watch "I'll take you there" but instantly got bored. Just finished "Riding in cars with boys" and thought it was alright. I still have Zoolander to watch tonight but I might wait until John gets home. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

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