March 14, 2002

bad news

So I no longer have a teaching job in the evenings. Only the one class on Thursday afternoons now. Seems that the school owner found out that I was leaving "sooner or late" so he decided to just hire someone now. I got in the car after class and told John what was going on. He just sighed. We both know that we could use the money, but we CAN do it without the extra jobs. We got home and went to sit down on the balcony for a bit. He seemed a little hesitant to bring up the fact that we just need to go....leave Korea as soon as is reasonable. I told him that I was having the same thoughts, and that losing the teaching gig only reinforced the fact that I was ready to just go home.
So...we should be out of here around the beginning of May. I'm bugging my boss to get me a raise so that all my vacation is paid at the higher rate. I'm even putting a big hot pink sitcky note on his computer to remind him. I'm actively searching for a job now, especially at UW or one of the other major universities in the area. For now even an admin job would be fine. We discussed the problem about WildChild and needing to go to a new school right at the end of the year, and as much as we hate to do it, we know it will work out.
So...tonight is my last night of class. I'm pretty sad about it. I'm sure I'll get a little "misty" during the end of class. I'll try and take some pictures. I'm also going to find some new skins for the site. Hopefully I can find some that are cute.

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