February 22, 2002


I'm still perplexed by the little hairs in the bathroom at work. I am beginning to suspect that either Sasquatch is here in Korea and using our bathroom, or someone has a case of ass alopecia. Either way, it is just too much to comprehend.

I'm glad it is Friday. Yesterday I actually taped the Olympics while I was at work. Since I had an early afternoon class, I didn't get to watch the controversial Short Track race that declared Ohno (who, sadly, is way too young to be my pretend boyfriend *sob*) the winner. I then had to go teach five Koreans english. It was a huge controversy for them, and they admitted that, like me, they hadn't seen the race either. We all agreed to debate it out tonight in class. I'll even take the tape in with me. So...I sat down after class and watched some of the highlights of the day. Shea winning the gold was sweet. I shed a few tears when the women's bobsled team got the gold medal (it was contagious crying). I was thrilled when the women's skeleton team members hit the gold and silver. Then I watched the short track finals and race (bless FF and indexing on the VCR!) I like watching the short track and think it is a cool sport because of all the traffic and pack-like skating that goes on. I already knew the outcome, so I was really watching to see what "really" happened at the end of the race. I must say...I agree with the judges. I didn't at first, until NBC showed it on the overhead cam, and then you could see the deliberate move on the Korean's part to stay in front of Ohno. I understood it though...everyone wants to win and you'll usually do whatever you can to make sure that YOU are the one in first place. What pissed me off was how the Korean reacted after the race, throwing down his flag and kicking it. Do other countries not teach the whole "never let the flag touch the ground" idea? I was appalled that he would throw down his own country's flag and then kick it. Sure, you are mad...but leave the ice buddy. Major props to Ohno for being graceful until the final results were announced.

John will hopefully go to his levy brief this coming week. I'm not sure, but I think we'll then have orders within a week or so. I can hardly wait to get them. We can't even make appointments for anything until we have orders in hand. I just want to make my travel arrangements so that I can work on getting my business class upgrade and making arrangements for the cat to fly with me. I am soooo ready to leave here and get back to the real world. I must start pricing a TiVo for when I return. Anyone have any suggestions for me? We've already got a dish system, so I don't need one of those boxes for that...just a plain TiVo would be good. What about the other kinds of systems, anyone try those out? Good? Bad? Indifferent?

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