February 20, 2002

catching up

First to catch up....John is finally home. It was wonderful having coffee made for me and brought to me in bed. I told him that he isn't allowed to leave for long periods like that again. Getting up and making my own coffee is just too hard! He came with gifts, which has made the trauma of cooking ease a bit. I got lots of new underwear and bras. I no longer look like I'm wearing the lingerie of the homeless! He also brought me a totally cool pen. Have you seen the new Ion pen from Cross? I got the graphite/black one. It is so cool! I only got freaked out when I realized that it was more than a few dollars. Now I can never lose the pen....the pressure!! One of the best gifts were those new little Listerine Cool Strips. How fucking cool are those things?!?! I must find a source for them here in Korea! The last item was really the best item, and will be much better once I get it fixed....he brought home his mom's old laptop. It needs a new hard drive, but other than that and needing a network card, it's totally doable for what I need for now. Some basic word processing and my HTML goodies and I should be able to update even after our computers are shipped. I might have to find a way to update from work though, since we'll lose our phone line in April.

John is slammin' busy this week at work. I wanted him to go to his levy brief so that we can get orders a little quicker. As it is, he will go next wednesday and we should have orders a week or so after that. It is a little weird knowing that the decisions about his being promoted or not are being made this month, yet we won't know anything until May. There is always that little possibility that the Army could take his orders back if he comes out on the promotion list. While I want him to get promoted and totally believe that he should be promoted, there is a part of me that hopes he doesn't just so that our orders don't get messed with. I really do have my heart set on going back to Washington. I'm already looking at places to live, possible jobs...everything. I'll be much happier when we've got things shipped and a plane ticket for me to leave here. If I had a place in Tacoma that I knew I could stay for a few months, I would even ask to leave within the next month or so, just so that John could say "look, I've already sent my family and pets and vehicle and household goods...changing our orders now will call undue hardship on us." Of course, we can't really go until we get the truck there. So there's that.

Life at work is going OK. There's a possibility that I could get a nice raise since people are finally realizing that they aren't paying me (or anyone working this job) a decent wage. I'm hoping that it happens soon, so that all my vacation is paid at the higher rate when I leave! Teaching is going OK. I am starting to like having the time off to go to the gym after work 4X a week now. I haven't gone this week since I injured my left ankle somehow. It is feeling a little better, so next week we'll start back again.

Now for something completely different...

Random things that I've thought the past week or so...

- What are the curly hairs on the back of the toilet in the bathroom at work? Is someone shedding ass hair? It totally grosses me out.
- "Ya know WildChild, if Mom had brought the directions that are laying on her work desk, we would have found the airport by now."
- BusinessClassBusinessClassBusinessClassBusinessClassBusinessClassBusinessClass.
- A four-day work week would be nice...too bad I'm not allowed to work one.
- I've wondered, many times, if John would let me leave early if I was offered a good job in WA.
- Drinking water is good for you, good for the skin. It helps to keep me NOT looking my age...must drink water, must drink water.....must run to the bathroom!

Well, that about brings us up to date for now. I really wish that more was going on in my life. We're pretty much just coasting through things with the bare minimum of effort and thought. Waiting for Spring to arrive I think. Once things start happening, I'll be much happier.

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