February 08, 2002

woo and randomness

We finally got to talk to John last night. I'm a little miffed that he didn't ask about how the whole cooking and making coffee on my own is going. I suppose he just assumed that if I was able to make it to the phone, we weren't dead.

Oh, I forgot to tell him that we've effectively killed all the fish. Nothing but an empty tank full of water, white rocks and some plastic plants now. We've had four toilet funerals this week! Anyone need a pet sitter? I work cheap!

Last night I was walking to class and passed an older gentleman who was walking the other direction. I guess I must have looked like an english teacher because he said something like "you look as tired as I do and I'm on my third class!". I just smiled and kept walking, wondering who the fuck he was. And really, I don't think that I looked like a teacher since I was wearing black sweat pants, a grey sweatshirt over a white t-shirt and my pink swoosh tennis shoes. Anyway, after class I was walking home and ran into him outside the apartment building where I live. He was asking me questions about where I work and such. Seems like he's a retired military person with a Korean wife. His wife missed her family so he moved here. He's quite bitter about the fact that he can't really find a job. Sure, you can make some good money teaching English, but it's not the most stable job market. You are really at the mercy of the parents/school owners. I sorta hope that I don't run into him again...I don't like talking to such negative people.

When I was talking to John last night, he said that someone from his branch was there at the logistics conference that he's attending. She had some appointments available so he made one to sit down one on one and chat with her. She didn't seem to know that we'd already gotten the preliminary word that we're going to BaseName. She did tell him that when the results of the promotion board come out this spring, there is a chance that his orders could change. I was horrified to hear that! I have no idea how we can get orders before April and start getting stuff shipped to BaseName. John doesn't seem that concerned but I am. Now I'm going to be scared that our assignment is going to be changed at the last minute. Bleh.

My desk here at work looks fucking horrible. I've got piles of paper all over the place. I really need to do some filing and cleaning today. Or Monday. I like doing all that when AssholeBoss isn't around. Probably just because I know it drives him crazy when I have a messy desk. If he's going to ignore me, he can't bitch about my desk. If I just ignore him back, the game is much more fun. Well...for me anyway.

I'm doing well with the eating. I think I found some time to exercise! I went to class this week and was told that I'd no longer be teaching the 6pm classes. I guess the school owner hired a friend of his who liked my hours. The only class I teach at the school now is the 8pm class Monday through Friday. I still teach the teachers on Thursday. While that puts a huge dent in my earnings, it does allow me to go to the gym four times a week after work. I'm going to go each day (except Thursday of course) and hop on either the treadmill or elliptical death machine. Last year, when I was exercising, I was losing weight pretty fast. Since I'll be going back to the US this summer, I'd love to lose fast again :) I've pretty much gotten into the groove of eating LC, so that isn't a problem. I went on a tangent and tried to make some low carb cheesecake...it was awful! Tastewise, it really wasn't bad BUT it was dry dry dry and the crust just wasn't the same. We used ground up almonds and butter and splenda. It was worth the try but I'll stick to the easy shit, like sugar free jell-o.

My goal now is to just keep losing weight so that whoever picks me up at the airport doesn't recognize me :) I also want some funky new glasses but keep waiting until my face is thinner. I want a hair cut, but again, waiting for the magical "my face is now thin enough for short hair" time to arrive. I know that when I'm looking for a job, not looking like I looked last year will be a good thing. Looking like I at least attempt to be athletic or even remotely active...good thing. I've read all those studies that say thinner people get hired faster than larger people. I'd like to just try and tip the scales in my favor during the whole job search.

Speaking of the job search...I'm still way up in the air about where I want to find a job. The Sounder train looks like a viable option for working in downtown Seattle. Next year, if they stick to the projected plans, it should be even better! Right now there are only two trains going North in the morning and two going South in the evening. That would pretty much mean that no matter where I found a job, I would really be limited to working 8-5, on the dots. The big plus is that sleeping on the train on the way to work=good thing. It would just mean leaving Tacoma at 6:15am, getting to Seattle about an hour later, stopping for coffee (torture me!) and getting to work. Leaving would be the same in reverse, minus the coffee of course. I just don't know. I know that I love being downtown, I love the city and the energy I feel when I'm there. I also know that I'll probably end up hating the commute, especially if I must drive. If I work in Tacoma, driving isn't an issue and the commute time is much less. I might not even get a choice in this, it might just be "go where the jobs are and where you get hired."

I suppose I should start to think about preparing to possibly do some work. I've got a bunch of things open here on the computer and my desk and it's so bad it is even bothering me now. Have a great weekend everyone!

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