January 31, 2002

You say dream, I say nightmare!

First let me tell you about my nightmare. Now see, normally I don't remember my dreams...ever. Probably because I don't sleep enough, but that is beside the point. You should also know that I never have to wake up with an alarm. Since I am a spoiled princess, John always wakes me up with a cup of coffee while rubbing my back to wake me up slowly. No, you can't have him or borrow him!

Anyway, this morning I was supposed to wake up with an alarm. John had duty last night so he wasn't there this morning to wake me. Obviously I blocked it out enough to not hear it at all this morning when it went off. I was in the middle of having my nightmare I think. This is the conversation that happened:

Location: My office
Day: I just know it's a Friday

Honey, I don't know how to tell you this.

Tell me what?

Well, I called the automated system this morning to make sure we weren't on orders.
Branch seems to have put me on orders already without talking to me any more.

And? Where are we going?

We're being sent to North Dakota.


This is right about the time I roll over and see that the clock says 6:57. I jump up and yell at the wildchild that she's got 5 minutes to get up, get dressed and out the door to catch her bus. She makes it, apple in hand for breakfast. I try and call work a few times but the lines on base are mucked up so I can't get through. I have this almost overwhelming sadness and keep thinking "I don't WANT to go live in North Dakota!" I have a few sips of coffee as I'm running through the house trying to find shoes and purse and everything else I need to leave the house when it hits me....IT WAS A DREAM!! There is no Army base in North Dakota! (and if there is, please please please don't tell me!) You might call this a dream, I call it a nightmare of one of my own personal versions of hell.

So far, the only news we know for sure is that we are leaving here in June. That is a good thing to know, so I can go ahead and buy a plane ticket. I was debating on whether or not I should buy a business class plane ticket. I'll be by myself with one cat, hopefully in the cabin. (Note to self: FatBoy needs to go on a diet, 15lb MAX for him IN the carrier!) While I know I've lost weight and am still smaller than I was when I flew over here (and no, I never required a seat belt extension...in case anyone was wondering) I just can't stand the idea of being back in those little seats alone with no leg room because of the cat. It was a little easier to take when I was with the wildchild, since we had the two window seats to ourself and I put the cat in front of her. Most of the debate in my head stems from the fact that I know we won't get the full price of the ticket reimbursed back to us. We could possibly try and see if the Army could buy my ticket back, and then see what I have to do to pay for an upgrade. Would most likely be cheaper, as long as I don't have to pay more than $500. I like the idea of buying my business class ticket myself, pretending that I'm a rock star and flying in sweats. Anyway, I'll probably buy myself the ticket just to make sure I can fly business class. 12 hours of flying won't be quite as bad if I can relax and lean back. And use the footrest!

John leaves in a few days to fly back to the States. He totoaly lucked out and gets to go to a conference at home. He'll spend one week working and then the second week at his Mom's house eating good Southern cooking. Hopefully he'll also be finding himself a job on base there. As much as I'm not a huge fan of humid summers, I would never tell him that we can't go live in Alabama. Even though it's not tops on my list. I love the people there and his family and all, but I'd like to move them all west where the weather is nicer. The penultimate of course would be Southern California for weather but we know that is just not going to happen. Hopefully we'll know something more concrete by the time he comes home on the 17th. I'm sure he's glad there won't be the 24 hour gap every time he tries to speak to someone or email them.

I hope everyone had a good January. I'm just glad it is over and we can commence with getting closer to Spring!

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