January 23, 2002

more randomness

So...I have about a half an hour before I have to run out the door to class. I really am trying to update more often, so I thought I should write something. I'm sitting here absolutely FREEZING since it's like 20 degrees outside. I even put on some sweats and a sweatshirt....still freezing. Of course, this is about how dressed up I will be for class, so maybe I'll throw on a t-shirt underneath for good measure. Nothing like making a professional impression, right?

Still no news on the move and where we'll go. We still haven't even heard about the two month extension so that the wildchild can finish school. I'm hoping that it is just because there was a long weekend so people got lazy. It's just frustrating when you spend so much time waiting for answers from people. We really need to know WHEN we are leaving so that we can start scheduling transportaion and household goods. We want to get the truck painted right before we ship it back. Some advance notice on that would be nice.

Back on the diet and doing well. Still not exercising because I'm too tired to wake up at 4am and lift weights. I know I need to but I'm too tired! Sleep is a premium item on weeknights. I'll be glad when I'm back in the States and can just walk on my treadmill when I want. I miss my stuff. It'll be like Christmas in July this year when it all gets delivered! My computer desk! My treadmill! The 'big' stereo! All our pictures! (OK, that was my fault, I forgot to ship them in the stuff coming to Korea) I've got a great entertainment system from IKEA, unfortunately, half of it went into storage and half came here. It'll be nice to have it all back together. Most of our storage things...you know, shelves, bins, shelves and more shelves. All in storage. I make piles here since I don't have my shelves. John had just gotten me out of the pile-making habit when we moved here. Now he'll have to start from scratch! hee!

We're semi-sorta in disagreement about what shouldn't come home with us. I'm a little concerned about the weight allowances, so I've been making a mental list for some time about things I'm willing to sacrifice to Korea. Unfortunately, John's list is nothing like my list. His list is more of "well, we'll just ship everything and hope they don't ding us for being over the limit". *sigh* We've got lots of talking to do. I'm still insanely jealous that he gets to go spend two weeks in the US. Not only in the US, but the Army is sending him HOME for a military conference. He's going to be spoiled with his Mom's cooking! :) I'm still jealous, even though I KNOW that in 4.5 months, I'm outta here. Oh well....

Time to go to class. I know it's short and basically boring. I honestly have NO life during the week. *smooch*

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