January 20, 2002


know, I'm still not writing as much as I told myself I would. Things are just as busy as they were last year. Add to that, visits by the big wigs of our AirplaneCo in from the US and I can't even cheat and write at work. I'm exhausted most of the time and end up turning into a hermit on the weekends. Today though, we are going to see Lord of the Rings on base. I also wanted to stop by the store and find some colored pencils. I really need to step into the shower before I show my face in public.

I have some news! Well, we have some news! And those of you that just had the thought "She's pregnant!" go bite your tongues! No babies....we're leaving Korea this year! The request to cancel the extension was approved so that technically puts us out of here around mid-April. However, we do have a request in to stay for two months so that the wildchild can finish school. Those should be automatically approved, so I'm probably out of here by June 3rd. I need to fly with the cats before it gets too hot.

We still don't know where we are going to be sent. We put BaseName at the top of our list, and really, that's always my first choice. However, John also put Redstone Arsenal on his list. That's "home" for him. We've been hearing rumblings about how hard it will be for us to get the assignment to BaseName so people made some phone calls about getting him assigned to the Arsenal. Surprisingly, it looks like it might work. And he'll be there in a few weeks to "interview" for any positions that people might have for him. The thought of living in the south during the summer makes me want to cry, but I suppose that since everything is air conditioned, it can't be that bad. I know that the cost of living is so much less expensive than Tacoma, that our dollars will go much further. Plus there is the whole "family" thing for the wildchild. I would love for her to get to know John's family better, and my dad isn't that far away either. All of our family would be within a one day drive...something we've never had for the past 20 years. That is an incredible draw for wanting to go there. I think that having a better sense of family would be good for everyone, not just the wildchild. We've been living like nomads for the last 15 years, occasionally stopping at a base camp long enough to fall more in love with the family and then it's time to go. I can't even imagine what it would be like to live near family.

So, other than still working my ass off, now I've got to start getting organized to move. Thankfully, the Army moves us, but I've still got to decide what goes when and what stays in Korea forever. We want to get the truck re-painted because of all the door dings and scratches from it being here for two years. Preferrably, the timeline would be get it painted; pick it up; drive it to Seoul; turn in for shipment. That way there are no scratches or dings on it. John and I have lots of talking to do, since I am still insisting that no matter what, I'll be in Seattle for the month of July until my friend has her baby. Actually, I'll just be where she is. I don't have many close friends, and I just feel like I should be there, no matter what, since I gave my word. I have no idea how we'll work that out. I want him to make it home for his 20 year reunion. I want WildChild to be in Alabama to share her birthday with Grandma. We have to decide if they'll just fly straight to Alabama or stop in Seattle and take the truck and cats from me. Who knows. We've got some time to think about these things.

I am going to go shower and shave the legs and pits. Put on some clothes. Acutally leave the apartment for a few hours. Pretend, for just a little while, that I have a life.

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