January 01, 2002

2001 in review

Goodness but it seems weird to be typing 2002. since it is my last day off of work, I figured that I should write something, mainly to keep everyone from killing me. I'm sitting here, surprisingly NOT hungover, listening to a barrage of 80's music on the headphones. I have to work tomorrow, both the regular job and teaching English. Just the thought of which is making me feel tired. Let's see what's happened this year...

I whined a whole lot and finally told John that I didn't think I could face living here until 2003. We still don't know if we can leave here in six months, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

We've begged the Department of the Army to send us back to BaseName, WA. We also put Redstone on there (for all the in-laws reading: We really did put it on the list! BaseName, Presidio of Monterey, Redstone...that is the list submitted.) We still don't know where we're going since we don't know if we can leave yet.

I lost a bunch of weight and really started to feel great. Then I started teaching English, which cut into my daily working out time. And then I quit smoking. And then I got on the scale yesterday and wanted to cry. So uhhh, we're starting low carb again tomorrow. Stay tuned for much bitchiness, since the only time I have to work out right now comes at 4am. I'm still not convinced I can give up that hour of sleep, but we'll see.

I quit smoking. That is a big one. Over four months as of today, and I couldn't be more proud of myself. Well, I could be more proud if I hadn't gained a lot of that weight back, but still, I feel good about it. And the whole "I can breathe" thing is pretty nice, too.

I'm working two jobs and surviving. I have no life and I'm tired all the time, but I'm surviving. It's that whole idea of having some money saved by the time we leave here. No matter where we go, I'll have to find a new job. That part always sucks ass. That's another reason I want to lose weight. It's easier to find a job if I feel good about myself and don't think that everyone thinks I'm fat. I know, silly but that's how I feel. There's also that whole study about how thin and pretty people make more money and get offered more jobs. What about average weight average looking people?

I started a forum for a bunch of people. I got tired of feeling like I was not quite getting the truth about where the old one went and getting asked about it all the time. I did it all on my own and then even learned how to hack it up so that it works like most everyone wants it to. Fear me!

I made some pretty kick-ass CDs this year. I did some cool CD trades and got some cool music in return. I sent almost everyone a Christmas CD (and if you didn't get one, I ran out!!) and sent a few 'loungy' CDs out as well. I got technolust and got a MD player. I'm hoping that having it will help with the whole working out thing. Smaller, easier to cart around, not to mention that rechargeable battery thing. I am quickly finding ways to kill all my excuses. I suppose that the next thing to do is clean up the extra bedroom enough so that we can use the weight bench that I just had to have. And fear me if I find a bike for sale that I can ride here at home.

I saved a baby kitten from dying and adopted her. I named her Kea. I kept her after blocking out what a little fucking bitch Spazz was when we rescued her and lived through the whole kitten stage. I haven't killed her yet, so she might make it. She's just too cute.

I've had a good year. I've spoken more with my little sister this year than I have in the 15 years prior. I've enjoyed it more than anything. And she send out a mean CD mix of some truly tacky Christmas music. I feel blessed to be with my family and to have us all be healthy. I hope the same for everyone!

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