November 23, 2001

I'm thankful for him

know, an update. Typical of a journaller to write today. And yes, I'll do the standard what I am thankful for, but with a twist. I'm thankful for my family, both immediate and extended, and that everyone is with someone they love this holiday. I am thankful for my child and my cats and good food and good wine. Mostly though, I am thankful for my is why:

For waking up every morning and bringing me hot coffee to wake me up in bed.

For making dinner every night since you know how much I hate to cook.

For doing laundry when I am at work.

For loving me during my "stupid period" and still wanting to be married to me.

For loving me no matter what size I am.

For telling me every day that you love me and that you'd like 10 minutes alone in the bedroom.

For understanding that I don't want to go spend 10 minutes in the bedroom every day.

For understanding how incredibly tired I am working two jobs, and understanding why I still do it...since it is for all of us, not just me.

For doing more than any husband I know.

For doing much more than 50% of the household chores, and never complaining to me if I'd rather take a nap.

For listening to me bitch about my weight, and yet not lecturing me if I want ice cream.

For checking the oil in my car without my asking, since you know I'd remember to do so about once a year.

For letting me have my way more often than not, and still not letting me be spoiled about it.

For being a wonderful father, even if you make me check all her English homework.

For reading my crazy email and trekking off alone to the store this morning. I'm nominating you for sainthood for that, just so you know.

For not questioning the fact that I asked for a GameBoy please!

For not laughing at me when I explain the bazillion things sitting in my Amazon cart.

For letting me know that you always want me to be happy...since that makes me happy just knowing that.

I love you honey....and I'm thankful that you are my husband!

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