November 04, 2001

Random Thoughts

Various thoughts that have gone through my head the last week...
"I wonder if napping in the middle of the day counts towards your daily sleep requirement."

"How early can I leave here once we get orders?"

"Just what is IN pralines and how can I make some?"

"I wonder how long it would take us to save $50,000 if we really tried hard."

"Damn I want a house...damn I want a house...damn I want a house..."

"Kea....I will name her Kea. Hope everyone else likes the name."

"Shopping...paying off off bills.....ARGH!"


"Hmmm, maybe I should have used both boxes of hair color..."

"Ya know...I might actually LOSE weight if I stopped cheating on the diet every day..."

"Ummmm, I'll start again tomorrow...right after I finish the cookies and ice cream and make the pralines"

"Cutting off 6 inches of hair doesn't mean you really lost weight."

"OK...if you lose XX more pounds, you can chop off all your hair again!"

"No, I won't share the real numbers behind the XX...not even with the notify list."

"What a lame ass entry...go find something else to cook your lunches for the week."

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