October 30, 2001


I'm exhausted. I'm tired from staying up late with the kitten. I'm tired from staying up late from teaching class until 9pm. I'm tired because I keep waking up in the middle of the night and staying awake for hours (NOT by choice I might add). I'm tired and I have a horrible headache today. And I'm grumpy. And probably a touch of PMS if we're being honest here.

Have I mentioned my new teaching shedule? I'm teaching 13 classes a week now. My schedule is as follows: Monday and Tuesday I have a 6pm class and then an 8pm class. Wednesday, I have a 5pm, 6pm and 8pm class. Thursday is the teachers at 3:30pm (two hours), and then an 8pm class. Finally, on Friday, I have a 6pm, 7pm and 8pm class. I think that pretty much sums up the "exhausted" part. Still working full time 7am - 3pm Monday through Friday. You can't imagine how fucking happy I am when Saturday morning finally arrives!

So let's see, the latest news on leaving here...

We found out that we can't go to the Presidio of Monterey. There is just no opening for John's job and rank. Our second choice is going back to BaseName, WA. I can only hope we can get that assignment. It wasn't really even a choice, just a given from both of us. Well, we can't move to California, so we'll go back to Washington State. I think we're both happy about that decision. I know it's far from family and all, but we both really liked living up there. Yes, we know it is expensive to live up there. Been there, done that.

The kitten is doing wonderful. I still haven't named her. We caught her brother this morning, as well as another kitten from the litter. I found a home for the brother, and hopefully the other kitten will go to another home later this afternoon. Kitten is still living in the bathroom, with the daily chaperoned visit to the rest of the apartment. Until we get her checked out by the vet, I don't want her out on "general" cat population. We have an appointment for all three cats to go in at the same time on the 14th. Guess kitten will REALLY get to know the bathroom by then.

Oh. My. God. I'm going to have to kill someone in about 2 seconds. They are installing phone lines in our office finally. Not the right phone lines of course, but at least people can call us again. Anyway, they are using some kind of test equipment that has the most god-awful beeping/ringing noise. Worse than fingernails down the chalkboard. Worse than the sound of a cat in heat. Worse than....well, most things.

I see this is my cue to save, send and skeedaddle...

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