October 25, 2001

And then this happened...

Ya'll know that I have two cats, right? That I basically jumped through my ass trying to find a way to bring Spazz over here with me from the US? That we ended up with Oliver here, not long after we arrived? That ever since acquiring the second cat, I've worried about getting both cats back to the US at the same time? Good, because all that is now wrong.

We now have three cats...or, to be much more specific, two full grown cats and one itty-bitty baby kitten that seems to have lost it's mother.

Yeah. Fuck. I have three cats now!

I couldn't help it. I was defenseless against her KittyCharm. See, this is what happened. Yesterday, the girls in supply found the baby kitty. They took her into the office and tried to feed her. They weren't having much luck, and called me. I guess that because I am owned by two cats, I'm some kind of expert now. Anyway, they called with "Michelle, can you come down to the office, we have some questions about baby kittens." I should have known better. I should have asked if there was an actual live kitten in question here.

I walked over to the office and *BAM* I was sucked into having another cat. She's adorable! (I'm hoping to take some pictures today, so stay tuned for adorable pictures!) I took her home and made up some kitty formula for her. I fed her with a new syringe. She perked up about 100% once she got some food. I have no idea how long she was without her mother, but I'm thinking it was at least a day. While I was teaching class, a neighbor brought over some kitty formula and a kitty bottle. I've been reading everything I can find on the web about kitten rescue and what I should be doing with her.

I figure her to be about 3-4 weeks old. Her ears are already up, and she can walk around a bit. I don't know if she's shakey because she's scared or because she's cold or because she's just learning how to walk. She is loving the formula, and we're going to start teaching her about real food pretty soon. I figure that for the next few weeks, she'll come to work with me here. I have her in a big carrier right next to my desk. I wasn't comfortable leaving her at home with the two bullies.

There was much hissing and growling going on yesterday and today. Oliver and Spazz are both pissed off at me and don't want anything to do with me since I smell like a new cat. I'm keeping them away from the baby for now, especially until I can get her to the vet and get her some shots. I want to make sure that she's OK before she's allowed out in the general population of the house. Until then, she's living in the carrier, in a nesting box and in the bathroom.

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