October 08, 2001

You don't count...

I'm pissed off. Way pissed off. I'm tired of being treated like we just don't count. What are we watching on TV right now? Jepordy. What were we watching on TV when the US started bombing? Football. What was playing on the radio all day? Music. What was in this morning's newspaper? Yesterday's news. Why? Why can't we get news? Why can't we get something even remotely resembling current news? Because we don't live on base. See, if you live ON base, you can get cable. Lots of channels and very little money. If you live ON base, you can get not only CNN, but the Armed Forces new All News All The Fucking Time channel. If you live off base, you get one channel, AFN. The same channel that is supposed to be for ALL service members and their families. Evidently though, there were enough complaints over the week of news coverage after the attacks on the 11th. There were enough complaints to ensure that only those important enough to live on base will get the news. We shouldn't interrupt their precious soap operas now should we? We shouldn't pre-empt the kids shows again should we? No, because they can just turn the channel.

I don't have that choice. The only reason I even knew about the bombings this morning was because of Korean television. I didn't understand a damned word they were saying, but the little blurbs across the bottom of the screen were a lifesaver. We got little snippets here and there, and generally, from the video, figured we were bombing the fuck out of something. Logical deduction would tell you where. I'm just appalled that the military here couldn't be bothered to get up off their asses and perhaps give us some news coverage. Yes, today was a holiday. Oh, and look, now Wheel of Fortune is on! Yes, nothing like letting me know what the puzzle is today to get my mind off of some bombing raids.

OK....so now that I got that off my chest....

Bombing. Afghanastan. Wow. I was speechless for a while. Then I was annoyed, but mostly by the lack of news coverage here. I went to work and logged on to cnn.com. Then I logged into a few message boards and read various news snippets from people who were nice enough to hunt down information and post it for everyone. So here is some news that I heard today...
That the Taliban was shooting people who were trying to flee the cities. People who were scared for their lives, terrified that the bombs would kill them....being shot by their own "protectors", being shot by the people that swore to them that there would be no attack. I can't even begin to describe how heartbreaking this is for me. People who were already scared of their leaders, stayed in place because they were told to. When then finally got scared enough to run, they were being shot. What's more, as unbelieveably sad as I find that, I don't find it unbelieveable. I'm not shocked that it was/is being done.

That the US Government finally made a good decision and decided to drop humanitarian aid to the people being bombed. The food and supplies were being dropped in areas that were not being bombed, but not so far away that the supplies and food wouldn't help. The usual propaganda was being dropped...leaflets and radio broadcasts. It was a bright spot in this dark news.

That in the humanitarian food packs, the US made sure that it could be eaten by persons of any faith. OK, now really, how fucking cool is that?? Here, we're going to bomb the shit out of parts of your country, and hopefully kill a few bad guys. We feel bad about that, and the fact that, ya know, ya'll have had some bad weather luck for a few decades. Here, have some nutritious food that won't cause you to go to hell because pork was used.

So...we're bombing other countries, I haven't had a cigarette in over a month, and I've been sick as fuck with a cold from hell. I'd describe more about being sick but there were some pretty disgusting body fluids involved and I don't want to cross that OverShare Line. We'll just leave it at Walking Bronchitis, ok?

Hugs to everyone. Go hug your husband or wife, your kids, your friends, your pets. Go hug someone. Go tell a cop "Thanks". Go shake the hand of someone in the military.

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