September 21, 2001

more petty bitching

Yes, we're still talking about world events here. I don't have any more sob stories thank goodness, though I'll still cry at various times. I suppose I've got some thoughts running through my head that probably don't make me sound real popular...and you know how I hate not being one of the cool kids.

See, there are a lot of people in the US that are really clamoring for some kind of swift and severe retaliation. I understand that feeling, I really do. What I want them to do though, is imagine that they are married to someone who could possibly be part of that retaliation. Would they be so quick to call for it? I do understand the need to do something. I understand that this is my husband's job and I've chosen to stand by him for the duration and beyond. Yes, we both understand that part of this job is the possibility of his giving his life for his country. So pardon me if I'm not one of the people out there calling for war and retaliation. I would never protest any war or military action, but I can't deny that I might secretly wish for some kind of peaceful end to all of this.

I have petty thoughts running through my head lately. Like..."Our government doesn't pay us enough to put our lives on the line." Can you imagine asking someone to put their life on the line for what amounts to about $16 an hour (based on a 40 hour work week). Really, I'm not exagerrating, that's about how much the basic pay is for my husband, an 18+ year veteran. He endures way more than 40 hours per week and the prospect of losing more of his retirement benefits all the time. Obviously, we aren't here for the money. I don't know many military people that ARE doing this for the money. Yet the American public sees fit to call for these men and women to put their lives on the line for our freedom and safety. The same people that will bitch, whine and moan when faced with a tax increase for higher wages for the military. Don't even get me started on officer pay, because then I'll just rant forever. Let's just say that I don't think it's fair and leave it at that.

Another petty thought is that I don't want to get stuck here when it is time for us to leave. Come June, I want to be moving out of this apartment in preparation for moving back to the US somewhere. I'm almost ready to say anywhere in the US would be nice at this point, but I'm not THAT desperate yet. There is a good possiblity of what is called "Stop Loss" happening. To put it can't fucking leave until we say so. Yes, there will be much whining and complaining if this happens. Since we are supposed to be gearing up for some "long" campaign, I can't discount the possibility that they could cancel our orders. I'll have to go insane...really I will. If you think I'm whiney and homesick now, just wait till next year.

I should's Friday night and I want to watch something wonderful on TV. I went and bought Willy Wonka on DVD. I need some Oompa Loompa lovin'.

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