August 24, 2001


Since I'm leaving work early today, and since I've got NOTHING to do here this morning, I thought that I'd try and write up an entry to post before I go teach class this afternoon. I've already sent off emails to John telling him how I want to try and go to Hawaii for Spring Break, how we need to make hotel reservations NOW for the military place there on the island. How we can probably even afford to not fly space-a. What do I get in return? One line "sounds great!". *sigh* I totally feel blown off.

So I was driving home yesterday thinking to myself "he's going to kill me anyway, I should just go ahead and start smoking again". Yeah, it sucked. I almost cried. I didn't smoke though. What happened to make such a sad sad Michelle? I thought I lost my purse. My purse, the thing carrying my check card, checkbook, various forms of ID and two drivers licenses. I truly just wanted to die. See, I could have SWORN to you that I walked out of the office with it. I just knew I had it with me. So when I got to my English class and parked the car, I thought it was weird that it wasn't sitting on the seat with my messenger bag. I thought "weird, I must have put it IN the bag" and just went on with class. It wasn't until after class, when I went to use my cellphone, that I realized that it was NOT in fact, in the bag. I looked all over the truck, around the truck (in case I'd somehow dropped it and not noticed), I looked everywhere with a growing sense of dread. "FUCK! How in the hell am I supposed to replace a VA driver's license when I don't live there any more?" "FUCK! How am I going to drive here if I don't have my American driver's license?" "FUCK! How in the hell am I going to get on base tomorrow?"

I got home and called my cellphone, thinking that perhaps if someone did pick it up and find it, they would answer the phone (stop laughing, it could happen!). Nobody answered. I called John and decided to just fess up. "Honey, do you think you can get in my office? I think I left something there and need it tonight" Yeah, I'm all about being up front! He didn't sound real thrilled about walking over to my hangar, so I spilled the beans "Well, please go look, I think I left my purse there. If it's not there, I lost it and have no idea where." *silence* *more silence* He finally said he'd walk over, but that he thought everyone was already gone. About 30 minutes later, the phone rings and I answer. And answer. And answer. Someone is there, they just aren't saying anything. Finally John says "stop yelling, I'm here!" Obviously he wasn't listening. This only further proves my theory that eventually, a husband just tunes out the sound of his wife's voice. He had my purse. Hallelu-ya and pass the peas! I could finally breathe again.

I've been here at work for what MUST be 12 hours already, and it's only noon. I wonder if 1:30 is too early to leave today? I want to go meet WildChild's new 6th grade teacher and let her find her new classroom before Monday morning. I suppose the school will be a madhouse, but we should go and get it done with.

Have a great weekend everyone!

PS - I'm actually posting this after class. I got out of work like 2 minutes after I emailed this to the house! Yay for my boss! So WildChild and I went and met her new teachers, did some school shopping, fought over shoes and then came home for a quick potty break and then I went to class. Now just waiting for John to get home so I can run to the store.

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