August 22, 2001

fuck fuck fuck (and we're not even discussing sex!)

Remember how I said I was sick? And bored? And wanting more English classes since I'm a greedy little broke bitch? You do? Good, because you won't see me saying those things any more. I fucking swear!

So not sick. Which in itself is a good thing. No more sore throat, no more pains making me think that I have some strange case of meningitis. No more sleeping badly. Did I mention that we ate pizza on Saturday night? Because we did. And it was good and cheesy and all the things that pizza should be. It was also fucking tainted with something that made me and John so sick that we didn't eat for days. This morning was the first time I've eaten solid food. Do the math.

Was I asking for more English classes? Really? Because now I have more than I know what to do with! My new schedule is as follows: Monday I work 5-8pm, Tuesday 6-8pm, Wednesday 6-8pm, Thursday 3:30-5:30 and 7-8pm, Friday 6-8pm. I distinctly remember thinking that about nine hours would be just fine. Now I've got twelve. And I'll be getting home when Will & Grace is on!! Unless I can totally RUN out of my class at 7:50pm and make it home in 10 minutes. I could. Really. As long as I don't have to wait to cross the street. Either way, John and WildChild have strict orders to tape each Thursday for me.

I really shouldn't complain. We need the money, and all these classes will go a long long way towards our being less in debt when we return to the states. And it's official, John turned in the paperwork for June, not April. I understand his reasoning (he's afraid the short notice will give us some shitty assignment like Ft Drum or something and no time to get out of it) and I'm ok with just two extra months. Either way, it's still less than a year, so that makes me happy. Hopefully, time is going to fly by with all the classes that I'm teaching. We might actually be able to afford to take a trip this coming spring break now! How awesome is that? I can smell Bali and Thailand from here now!

Oh, and the big news. This is the third day of not smoking. For me. You just KNOW John isn't quitting yet, though I'll guilt him into it sooner or later. See, self-preservation doesn't let me smoke when I'm sick. Puking qualifies as sick in this case. I was so nauseated that even smelling smoke made me want to get sick (and no, before you ask, I'm NOT pregnant!). I decided yesterday afternoon (day two) to see if I could last out the day. I told John that he couldn't smoke in the truck on the way home. He now has to smoke out on the balcony. So far today, so good. It's not that tempting to smoke at work since it's so hot and humid outside. I figure that by the time the weather is nicer, I'll be a non-smoker again. Wish me luck!

I should go so that I can email this and get my ass home!

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