August 14, 2001

ooo, more good news

I keep thinking that I'm typing the wrong date. It can't be August already, can it? Wasn't it just my birthday or something?? I'm not really complaining though, the faster the time goes here, the faster I can go back to the real world. I think I convinced John to just put his paperwork in NOW, don't wait for this paperwork to come back and then wait for that paperwork to come back and then put some more in. Hell, we'll still be HERE with all the waiting around for paperwork to get processed. My theory is this...if he waits a few weeks for something to get sent up to DC, then it'll already be processed by the time his next round of paperwork goes up. I like my idea better, since it means we can go ahead and put in that final paperwork to leave here on time. Then, the last set will be the "please, for the love of all that is holy, send us somewhere that we want to go!" paperwork. I'm looking at almost any Army post in the southwest, to also include Monterey, California and to exclude Ft Huachuca, Arizona.

Oh yes, the good news. I got to meet my one of my private students last night after my English class. I'll be teaching a few Korean Kindergarten teachers how to explain the english books to their classes. Should be fun and easy, so I'm looking forward to it. I also had my class schedule changed, so that I do two classes on Monday, one on Tuesday and no more Wednesday class. I have a feeling that I'll be asked to pick up a few more hours at least. For now, I'll do it. I want / need the money. It was encouraging that the owner asked me if I was willing to teach the adult classes. While those go later in the night (7-9pm), it still isn't too bad. My goal is to work a total of about 10-12 extra hours per week, and so far, I'm up to five if you include the teachers. I hate to teach classes on Thursday night since Will & Grace is coming back on TV here, but there's always the VCR. And really, how lame would that be to say "No, I can't work that night because I would rather go home and sit on my ass and watch tv."

Well, that's the news. Other than that, nothing major going on here. I hope to be working my butt off for at least the next few months. I'd like to have a few months worth of salary saved up for when we leave here. I have my mind set on buying a TiVo and getting the biggest and best cable package available wherever we end up.

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