August 13, 2001

update on me, the star of this play

I swear to God, I'm still kinda sick. This sucks horribly. I just don't feel at the tip top of my game when I'm like this. Sorta like missing some sleep, just not enough to make you REALLY tired, more like, just enough to piss you off. So a week has gone by, and as much as I swore I'd write, I didn't. I was bad, and I'm sorry. Here we go...

-- I had THE BEST time chatting with my little sister Friday night. Yeah, as much as I bitch about being sick, it didn't stop me from staying awake until after 2am talking to her. I not only talked to her, I talked to my niece and my Dad as well. She referred me to a very strange website. I can't explain it, but I spent hours on that site. It is kind of fascinating in a morbid kind of way.

-- I taught all three classes at the English school last week. I was pretty psyched, a week without a cancellation! I'm supposed to find out about teaching a private student on Tuesday's after work. I might be starting that tomorrow. I'm sorta tempted to ask for more classes for Thursday or Friday, but I might look into teaching privates instead. The woman that works with John has mentioned that older people prefer to be taught one-on-one, so maybe that's the way to go. I could handle two hours per day after work as long as it wasn't far to drive. That way I can just go home and stay home when I'm done.

-- We went to see Shrek yesterday. I wasn't sure that I would like it, but goodness, there were some funny parts. I always enjoy kids movies where the adults get at least one laugh that the kids don't quite "get". John and WildChild also went to see Jurassic Park III. I skipped it and stayed home and watched Chocolat by myself instead. I had tried to watch American Psycho but couldn't get more than half way through it without constantly thinking..."This is bad, and not only is it bad, it is stupid!". I finally took it out and rewound it. Bad bad bad movie. Chocolat on the other hand...I liked it so much that I bought the DVD yesterday. I'm trying to increase our DVD collection, so I'm trying to buy one per week. Sometimes I can't afford that, but we're slowly getting there. Anyway...the movie. Loved it! Very VERY much a "chick flick" but since I'm a chick, it's right up my pecking order. I loved the story, the relationships people had with each other, the tension, the food. I would love the DVD more if it had recipes on it (obviously I haven't opened it yet).

-- I put on fake suntan stuff yesterday. It is the Coppertone stuff in the tall blue bottle with two lotion chambers. So far, I am not orange or even streaky. John helped me put it on, and then I went over everything and made sure that I was all "rubbed in" nice and smooth. It even works on the face! I'll put more on tonight and let you know how it turns out. The way I see it, I don't look my age now, yet I love having a tan. I might as well get the tan and skip the leatherizing of my face. I've spent a lot of time here researching different tanning products. The Coppertone that was reviewed got good marks for how it works, bad marks for the smell (which is pretty bad, trust me). I can deal with smell, I can't deal with orange. I also don't like the "bronzing" stuff that just turns you brown until you take a shower. It gets all over your clothes and makes a mess. Yuk. I'll periodically let everyone know what I find works and doesn't work.

I suppose that's it for now. It's almost 3pm and I've got to run home, post this, eat dinner real quick and then go teach for a few hours.

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