August 06, 2001

random crap

I hope I remember to upload this before going off to teach class this afternoon. I have to leave a little early today, since I am 1) going to beg for more hours or tell them that I can't do it for just three measly hours per week and 2) ask them why they decided to not pay me for the three hours of classes that I worked for someone else.

I've been thinking about a lot of things lately. Lots of little shit that just bugs the hell out of my nice little MichelleReality.

-- Why don't parents teach their children to be polite? Have we reached the point where it's just OK to be rude to anyone and everyone, or especially those that hold a "lower station" in life than you? My child invited 17 kids to her birthday party. Out of those 17, she spoke with about 10 who said they would go. The morning of her party, it was fairly nasty outside. Guess how many kids showed up? Yeah...two. And a few of the kids that said they couldn't go or get a ride to the bowling alley (even after we offered them a ride) showed up with their parents. Thankfully, it didn't occur to WildChild to have her feelings hurt. She was happy that two showed up. She was happy that they had more pizza and pop to themselves and that they could bowl as many games as they wanted. More cake and ice cream! Me, on the other hand, I was fucking pissed off. When she's invited to a party, I make sure that she responds, as well as shows up. There's even been parties that she wasn't invited to, yet she still bought the child a present with her own money. She understands that most of the places here have a limit on how many kids can attend, and she won't be invited to every party. She's fine with that. I'm just pissed because I had to pre-pay this party and the kids didn't bother to show up. And the kids that came with their parents? They ignored my child and acted like they didn't even see us down at the end. Nice. Real fucking nice.

-- There is evidently a book out somewhere, called "Invisible Women" written by some woman that works for the RAND corp. I downloaded all the sections of the book, read them, and then couldn't really decide who I was more pissed at. The women, for admitting how stupid they are, or the writer, for selecting what had to be, the dumbest of the lot. I find it hard to feel sorry for a young soldier and his family when we hear things like "...and then we were surprised to find out that I was pregnant again..." and "...and even though the car was repossessed, he went downtown and got an allotment loan and bought a big home stereo system...". Ummm, if you got pregnant once, you obviously know how you got that way. To "accidently" get pregnant again is usually a case of lazy birth control methods, if any were used in the first place. Gee, if being on the pill didn't work for Sally the first time, what in the fuck makes her think it'll keep her from getting pregnant this time?? I don't want to hear about PFC Jerky not being able to buy his wife and kids food because he doesn't make enough money. Usually, they are driving the sports car that I still can't afford, as well as watching a bigger TV than me and listening to it on a Home Theater sound system that I can't afford either. I'm sorry, but my heart strings just aren't being plucked hard enough for me to feel pity for any of these women.

-- I'm still horribly homesick and want to go home. The best news I've gotten from John is that he's going to just outright cancel the extension. That would mean leaving here in April. That would mean just over 8 months people. Do you know how much that just makes my day?? He's got a number of reasons for wanting April instead of June, the most important being the cats. With all the restriction on pets flying cargo and whatnot, he's afraid that we won't be able to have them fly with us in the cabin and then we'll be screwed because it'll be too hot to fly them cargo. He's also thinking about his 20 year class reunion, which is at the end of June 2002. He really wants to go, since he has never been to any of them yet. Anyway, sounds good to me. 8 months...sounds even better to me. We'll take WildChild out of school for a few weeks, go travel a bit, hit the theme parks around LA and just have a good time. I can't wait!

I hope I've jumped around enough for everyone today. I still need to post the satire entries written for me by a few friends. I'm getting around to it you guys, I swear!

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