August 03, 2001


Yes, still sick, no, haven't gone to the doctor yet. I keep starting to feel better about the time I mentally give in on the doctor thing. This morning, the lump is back in my throat and it hurts again. I just want to feel normal.

I've totally been sucked into an online game. Majestic. It has taken over my online time in the worst way! I just wish that I was in the US so that I could get the phone calls and faxes. As it is, I have to listen to them on the web. Basically, in a nutshell, it is a game about conspiracies. You follow along after a fire and "help" people solve various small mysteries and such. And you get insulted in Instant Messages. How fucking cool is that?
Anyway, this is just a quick and dirty update. I've had a shitty week and I'm about to make a nice big bourbon and coke. I don't want any lip from ya'll, I know it's not on my diet. I've maintained these past few weeks of indulgent eating. I'll probably have some sherbert ice cream tonight too, but only because it's like a million degrees here today. Can I go home yet?

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