July 19, 2001


Not much going on here. I was sick yesterday with the MigraineFromHell. Today, I just feel like somene has been riding dirt bikes all throughout my sinuses all night. No, it's not a nice feeling. Drinking hot tea when it's a bazillion degrees outside with the humidity levels to match....well, it's enough to make your coworkers think that you're nuts....or still sick. I suppose one good thing about this is that in the last two days, (turn your head Mon!) I've smoked three cigs. If this turns into a full blown cold, I'll probably quit again. Hopefully for more than 6 months this time around. (OK Mon, you can look again!)

John has been arguing with his Branch lately. They don't seem to pay attention when he emails them, or they aren't bothering to look up his name and status info. When you get email telling you to "...email back when you've been there 3 or 4 months." when you've really been here for 15 already....well, it just doesn't inspire confidence in the jerks. I'm about half ready to just tell them "Look, if you can't get me to Hawaii, just send us back to El Paso, because as much as we hated it there, we miss our friends and it's a way cheap place to live." Yeah, we're looking at both extremes on that cost-of-living-scale. Hawaii or El Paso. Nothing like adding a little drama to our lives for the next 20 months!

I've been thinking about living here lately. As in, I almost picked up the phone the other day to ask John if he could cancel the extension paperwork since we haven't gotten paid. There are times when I'm just really REALLY tired of living here. I miss shopping at real stores. I miss a real grocery store. I miss Payless Shoes. I miss Target with most of my heart. I miss living in a house with a real kitchen. I miss real TV. I actually MISS commercials people! I'm hoping that this is just because of the summer, because it is so hot and humid and sticky here. I'm just not real happy here right now and I can't quite put my finger on why.

I guess I should talk it out with John, see what his thoughts and feelings on all of this are. I can't imagine that he'll be real thrilled to find out that I'm not all that happy about the thought of another 21 months here. If we don't extend, that would be 9 months, which just sounds so much nicer to me. I don't know. I'll talk to him later. I'm going to end this, and email it off to the house so that I can post when I get home. I hope you all have a wonderful day. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I'm either NOT getting sick or I'm leaving here in 9 months.

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