July 10, 2001

Guest Entry!

We have a guest writer for today. My little sister Mon and her family are in Puerto Rico on vacation. The following, with pictures (and snarky commentary by me!), is about her and Carlos going off for a little one on one time at a resort. I snorked my drink on the keyboard the first time I read it! Enjoy!!!
(The following was emailed to me and other assorted family members, so pardon the familiarity. And yes, I did ask her permission before using it!)

I actually took notes while we were there so we could share as much of the
fun as we could with you....aren't you feeling lucky?

Monday- Our flight was delayed 2 hours. It really wasn't all that bad but we were so anxious to get to the resort. It was a little unfortunate too because flying in at night we couldn't see a darn thing! The bus ride from the airport was a little scary. I sat there thinking how terrible it would be for you all to hear of our deaths in a tragic bus accident. It would have been better had they started serving Presidente (the EXCELLENT local beer) on the bus for the trip to the resort! Since everyone on that bus was from Puerto Rico, we got the resort speech in Spanish. I wasn't able to concentrate on the tourist guy but could pay close attention to the scary bus driver. Lucky me! (Why yes, the strange sense of humor DOES run in the family, why do you ask?) After finally settling into our room, sitting on the rock-hard bed, checking out the mini-bar (free!) and deeming it a good room, we decided to find a bar!!! There was a show going on in the main lobby of the Beach Resort (where we stayed, in the 3000 block Yvette!) (Oh lordy, don't tell me my other sister has been there too! Oh the humanity! Oh how freaking UNFAIR!) We went to the bar and had a Chee Chee Kapapuka. It was made of pina colada mix, orange soda and rum. It was delicious! We had many! We decided to get something to eat and headed over to the Mexican restaurant. They had a great buffet and we ate lots of chips and guacamole. We definitely wanted to go back. Another nice little touch was the tequila shots by the front door. (We skipped them) We walked around and checked out the entire complex and stayed up until about 2. We couldn't wait to eat the next

This is Bavaro Beach. This is also where I start hating my sister for being someplace so beautiful!

OK, and this picture isn't helping me out at ALL!

Tuesday- We decided our course of action was to get down to that pool by 8
so we could snag some chairs right by the pool. We could sleep by the pool
right? We went to the buffet for breakfast and stuffed ourselves silly.
That is what you are supposed to do at buffets right? Anyhow, since we had
eaten like little piggys, we weren't that hungry for lunch. So we
drank.....and drank......and drank.....and well, you know what I mean.
Those Chee Chee's go down easy! So light, so refreshing.....(Yes, my sister is after my heart! I'm all for planning a "sisters only" vacation girls!)

Carlos decided to show off his sailing talents so we took a sailboat out.
We only got stuck once, in his defense! It was at the beginning, so I was
seriously doubting his sailing skills. I thought I was going to have to get
out and swim to shore! He managed to pull it out though and we had a nice
sail. He looked so cute out there!(I'm disappointed that there were no pictures of sailing and no descriptions of the water polo game!)

I'm going to use this picture to bribe my brother in law. Someday Carlos...

We heard that Tuesday was lobster night at the Grill (another restaurant).
We were SO there! Carlos, being the excellent fluent Spanish man that he is
told me that they said it opened at 5. Well, since we had skipped our
lunch, we decided to be there right when the door opens. (We would get the
freshest lobster!) Well, let's just say that Carlos had drank one too many
Chee Chee's because they didn't open until 7. How silly we looked walking
around all dressed up! Now what the hell do we do for 2 hours?? Chee
Chee's!!!! Ha, ha! Really, this was the beginning of our gastrointestinal
fun for the week. We finally got to the Grill for our lobster and it was
the scariest darn lobster we have ever eaten! I don't even know if I am
well enough to describe them, but let's just say that free lobster, unlike
free beer, is not always tasty.(Or edible)

Yes folks, that's my baby sister. She's adorable and thin. Feel free to hate her!

Monica and Carlos. In Puerto Rico. No, I'm not bitter or anything...

That night we went to the Las Vegas-Like Show and Carlos promptly fell
asleep. It was called Tropicalissimo. It was all in spanish and I didn't
understand a single word they said. It was very colorful though! We got a
picture taken with a couple of the show girls. Carlos will have to scan it
for you all to see. (No pictures yet!) They kept unlimited quantities of rum and coke at the
tables at all times. (Yes! That's MY kind of bar!) After the show, we headed off for the disco. We had a
lot of fun there. It was really hot and they had dancers up on these huge
speakers. It was a cute touch. We danced a lot and drank a lot of
Presidente. Finally around 2 it was bedtime again. We didn't worry about
going to bed too early, we could come back to the disco again tomorrow night

Wednesday- Up again early for our pool chairs. Both of us were starting to
feel a little sick to our stomachs. We supposed it was too much drinking
the previous day. We decided to slow down a little. We had a great
breakfast and decided to eat, rather than drink our lunch. I decided to
have a big salad with my meal. (Ok, now HOW many hours did I spend
researching this place, and HOW many times did I read not to eat fresh
lettuce???? BIG MISTAKE!)(Mon, I won't even brush my teeth with the water here! What on earth were you thinking??) I guess the Chee Chee's made me stoopid! LOL!
We had a fun day by the pool though and took merengue lessons by the pool
and aerobics on the beach. How fun that was! The guy made me come up and
do the aerobics with him. (All that Jazzercise shining through!) It was
fun and it was really cool to see the beautiful Caribbean ocean in the
background. Doing aerobics in a bikini is another interesting experience.
I refused to do the jumping jacks, that is all I will say.

OK, someday the exercise/getting in shape bug will hit ME upside the head.

We were starting to feel a little sicker, but damn it, it is free food!!
How about some Italian! LOL! We ate our Italian food an felt pretty much
like crap afterwards! We decided to skip the disco, hey, there is always
tomorrow night, right?

OK, she doesn't look that sick to me! I think she's just telling tales to make me feel better.

Thursday- Ok, this day started off with us discussing at length what was
making us deathly ill. Was it the lobster, was it the Chee Chee's, was it
the salad? That is the great mystery. We decided that nothing was keeping
us from being by the pool. I still snagged my chairs and curled up under a
palm tree. Carlos finally came down after spending a lot of time getting to
know the bathroom. I found out that leaving my water bottle out in the hot
sun makes an excellent "heating pad" for my aching hurting tummy. We were
in a BAD way today!!! We went to the buffet and ate french fries and bread.
How pathetic is that! Carlos will get the link soon to the pictures and
you will see all that delicious food we couldn't eat. So terribly terribly
sad! Somehow we managed a kayak trip which was rather entertaining. (I
don't care how much pain we are in, we will have fun damn it!) Carlos did
most of the rowing while I layed down in the back. Once he caught on that I
was slacking, I got hit by an oar. What a nice guy! LOL!

OK, she actually DOES look sick in this one.

Ummm, Mon? This works better IN the water hon.


We ate dinner at the buffet again. If you can call it eating. We had
potatoes and bread. The soup was kind of gross, so even though it is in one
of the pictures, it wasn't eaten. I was trying to drink peppermint tea to
ease my tummy but it wasn't helping. Poor us! We decided to rest for a few
hours and then hit the disco. This was our last chance! After resting, we
were trying to muster up the energy to get dressed again. Carlos announced
he was feeling cold. I went over and felt his head and I guessed he had a
fever of about 102. No disco. Boo hoo!

Friday- Our last day. We were feeling a tad bit better this day. Of
course we got our chairs by the pool and wanted to vomit every time someone
passed us with a drink. (We sat there feeling very sorry for ourselves that
we couldn't take advantage of all that free food and drink) Our butts
started to get sore so we took several walks on the beach. (I think the
cumulative 30-40 hours sitting on those chairs were starting to give us

I never did go topless, although I flashed a few times.(Uh huh, sure!) We saw lots of
topless women and I admired their culture that makes them a lot less hung-up
on their bodies. By the last day, we were convinced there was a company
there filming a porn movie. There were some women walking around we called
"our porn stars". Then we noticed some porn-star looking men and some
really interesting fellows walking around with camera equipment. Man, I
could have been a star!!!!! My chance to break into the business!

Yes!! A geek just like her older sister!!

Anyhow, this is the end of our story. We both came down with some pretty
nasty colds that last day and are still feeling pretty bad. We have been
spending the last 2 days sleeping and trying to get better. There is still
so much we want to do here in Puerto Rico the next week and a half. We will
give another update when we do something more interesting then watch HBO and take medication. Today we did take the girls to some tidepools though and
got some great pictures.

The girls of the family. And yes, I know this isn't at the tidepools, it is at the caves. I liked this picture though!

Well, I hope you are still awake! We really did have a great time, and we
would do it again, but we would be much more cautious about what we ate!!!!!

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