July 03, 2001

Would you like some yellow fever to go with that malaria?

Well, things were better coming into work this morning. At least my ceiling and walls were the normal color. No more hoardes (swarms?) of mosquitos all over the place. Many many dead skeeters in the window frames and on the floor. Love that Raid stuff! I feel like I'm coming off of safari now with tales of woe from the swamps of the jungle (do jungles even have swamps?). Of course, I'm still paranoid. If air hits me the wrong way, I can be flinging crap all over the place trying to kill what ever GhostBug is messing with me. It's not a pretty picture, ok?

In other news, I'm going to end up scratching off half of my face or ripping out my hair bit by bit. Not intentionally mind you, but it's going to happen. See, I was worried about the wedding band. It fit a little too loose, and I'd rather not get it resized until I've lost more weight. John found these little plasticy rubbery ring guard thingys that slide over the band and make it tighter. The problem is, my band is wider than the guard, so there's this huge honkin gap. If I have the smooth side next to my finger, I end up ripping out hair and scratching my face. If I have it gap side next to my finger, I end up in pain within a few minutes. Maybe I'll just pretend I'm back in High School and use some string or yarn. At least that way I'm in much less danger of hurting myself. I don't care how silly I look.

John had to ride into work with me this morning. He's getting some work done to his car and they wanted to keep it overnight. Ya'll know what this means, right? Yes, that I'll be cranky and bitchy by the time I get home because I'll have ended up waiting for him to leave. I warned him this morning that I wanted to leave on time, but we'll see if he remembers. I picture myself here until about 3:45, which is about the last possible minute to leave and still pick up WildChild on time. Maybe, if I start calling him at around 3, he might be ready to leave 30 minutes later. I refused to get sucked into "come wait in my office" any more. Just come get me when it's time to go, because then I can sit here and play on the internet and pretend that I'm working.

Still working on the whole chat thing. I have to temper my wants with the fact that I don't pay for hosting. I'm a major pain in the ass for being such a cheap customer. pdm has put up with more whining from me than most other people would. Of course, he still hasn't fixed the cgi stuff so that I can install the journal script, but that's ok for now. I'd rather have the chat functions. I'll try and beat him into finishing everything tonight, if he hasn't already. I'm getting a little antsy about making sure that everything works and everyone can access. Also, on that note...to the jerk-off that sent me the nasty email: Look asshole, I'm NOT making the chat thingy just to gain more readers for my journal. I would still write the damned thing if nobody read it. I'm doing the chat thing since a) I've been thinking about it for a long time now (for the Squishy people) and b) with the Squishy forum closing, it seemed like a good time to start rolling that ball around. To assume that I would use something like this to my own advantage is astoundingly crass. Fuck off and die.

There, now I feel better. I'll keep everyone posted on what is going on. Hopefully I'll have some news tomorrow or something.

Oh, and some pictures...

These are in the windowsill. This is AFTER I have used the canned air to spray many of them out. ICK ICK ICK

This is what keeps my boss and I from killing everyone that walks into our office. Most people who walk in tend to piss us off.

OK, yes, I'm a desk-slob at work, I admit it.

This is my boss. He's a great guy to work for. Obviously, he isn't the one that pisses me off all the time.

OK, this was taken not long ago. I just thought it was the cutest thing. I'm sure that at some point, WildChild will demand that I remove it, but until then...kitty kiddie zen.

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