July 02, 2001

Monday Monday - Just hate that day!

It's raining mosquitos in here at work today. I walked into the office and about died. Hundreds of skeeters up on the ceiling, all over the walls....it was horrible. Since I don't happen to carry DEET around with me, I moved on with the next best thing...Raid for ants and roaches. Country Fresh scent, of course. My office smells like a flower-infested roach motel. It's horrible. And the skeeters don't die right away. Oh no, they wait until they are flying over my desk before they give up the ghost and just fall down and die. Right on me and my desk. I feel horribly dirty right now. And itchy. And just icked out in general.

In other news, my Mother's Day present arrived yesterday. John and WildChild bought me a new bookshelf micro system. It's the most wonderful thing! It's small and cute and not black and the best part....it changes colors!!! There is a nifty little light behind the faceplate that changes, on demand or randomly. I'm in love with it! It looks great next to the fishy bubbly thingy. It only plays the radio, CDs and MDs. No more tapes for this family!

I'm about half asleep it feels like. I had trouble falling asleep last night. I don't know why, but for the past few months, every Sunday night, I just can't go to sleep. I'll lay there and toss and turn and my mind goes about a million miles an hour, no matter how hard I try and think about nothing. I should be sleeping fine now. We've pretty much moved our bed to the living room now. With just one air conditioner in the apartment, the bedroom doesn't get very cool. It's almost like camping, except we get to sleep in a bed. It's only slightly embarrassing if someone comes into the apartment when we aren't expecting them. Sometimes it can be hard to explain to your old Korean landlord why there is a bed setup in the middle of the living room. I am paranoid about her walking in and thinking "What kind of fools am I rent to? Don't they realize that people sleep in a bedroom?"

Is it wrong to be typing mean things about someone who is standing in front of my desk right this very minute? Oh good, so you don't mind either. Partly, I'm trying to look busy so this guy will get a clue and go away. He's a lower enlisted fool who is in the process of marrying a Russian juicy girl. He drives me batty. Always in the office complaining about this that or the other. I personally don't CARE how long you've been doing the paperwork for this marriage. I don't care that PFC Whoever gets to have a car and you don't. Whine whine whine bitch whine moan. Geezus Freakin Lord, go away...please....now. Don't you hate it when people don't get a clue? I am typing away and staring at him with absolutely no emotion on my face. I'm not responding to what he is saying. He's still talking. He just doesn't get it. Maybe if I run to the bathroom, he'll go away...brb.

Well, that worked, but he followed me half way to the bathroom until he realized where I was going and stopped. I have to get ready to leave work early. I am teaching for three hours this afternoon for someone else. I'm really looking forward to it since I'll have the younger kids today. They are much more open and funny, they aren't embarrassed to talk to you and make mistakes. It's fun to talk to them. They say things to you and then giggle. How can you not end up laughing along with them? I desperately need that this afternoon. Perhaps they can pull me out of my fog...

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