June 28, 2001

More birthday gushy stuff

Have I mentioned that I've got the most wonderful husband in the world? Because I do, really. Yesterday, John and WildChild stopped and got me a birthday cake (cappucino!) and ice cream. They also got me presents! WildChild picked out this water fountain thingy that is like a big tall tube with water in it and it bubbles and turns colors and there are little plastic fish floating around in it. Yes, I love it! John bought me a real neon license plate frame for the truck. I had one of the cheesy little fake ones a long time ago that I had on the Honda. Anyway, he bought me a blue one that is pink on the sides. I loved my presents, I was the pretty princess of the day and life was good.

I went to sleep last night a happy little camper. Age is nothing but a number on a birth certificate, I got toys! Oh, and a pack of crayons. I get to pick out the coloring book later this week. Anyway, sleeping princess... John woke me up with a cup of coffee as usual this morning. As I am laying there with one eye open, trying to wake up enough to watch CNN, he comes over and sits down and hands me a little box. It's another present!!

Everyone knows that I've lost weight, right? Well, for those just tuning in, I have. One of the things that happens when you lose weight is your fingers tend to get a little smaller. Mine got a LOT smaller. I probably lost at least two ring sizes. Well, probably two months ago, I lost my wedding ring. We've searched everywhere in the apartment, it's just gone. I haven't had a wedding ring since. The little box this morning contained a plain gold band. It's not too thin, not too thick, it is one of those 'comfort band' rings, which means it feels like you don't even have a ring on. I keep stopping while I type just to look at my pretty ring. It's perfect. It's me. It's mine.

I know it isn't the ring that we used to get married with. I know that I don't even need a ring to make me feel married. It's the symbolism that I like. I look at the ring and it makes me happy on a multitude of levels. It reminds me that someone loves me. It reminds me that I get to spend the rest of my life with the man that I love. It reminds me that I'm not all alone in this world. It reminds me of love and happiness and joy and everything that goes along with it.

I'm a lucky princess.

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