June 27, 2001

Happy Birthday to me!

I'm 35 today. I don't feel any different, so I'll take that as a good sign! Rich, I got your box yesterday, what timing you have!!! I love the CDs and I'll start the book as soon as I have more than five minutes to sit down at one stretch! Thank you sooooooo much!

I'm kinda grumpy today. Nobody except John and WildChild have wished me a Happy Birthday. My boss mentioned something to John about giving me a day off at some point, but hasn't actually said the words "Happy Birthday" or anything like that. My other boss, who I bought a plant and card for on his birthday, hasn't even said anything. I'm grumpy. A sure sign that I'm not as grown up as I'm supposed to be I suppose. I want the love and adoration that is supposed to come to you on your special day damnit! I should be the Princess of the Day!!

OK, now I have to take back everything that I just said there. They gave me a card that made me laugh and a $25 gift certificate for the store on base. Yes, I'm contrite now. Although...maybe if I throw a fit and fall on the floor, I'll get more presents?

I'm trying out this whole "do the entry while at work" thing since I'm usually sitting here bored out of my mind. There aren't enough Tom Robbins books to keep me entertained. I don't have the DVD drive on this computer up here. I have intermittent net access. I am just hoping that I can remember the most basic of html so that I can use the notepad like I have been doing. I'll save anything bigger than adding an entry or updating the journal main page until I get home.

Since I'm just jumping all over the place today anyway...Rich, listening to the "Women & Song" cd right now...love it love it love it! I've already got two requests to make copies. It's like listening to old friends...if that makes any sense. I'm certainly not as grumpy as I was an hour ago, that's for damn sure. I also have no inclination to do any work, so I'm going to end this, go stand around in front of my boss looking pitiful and hope he sends me home a half hour early. I'm going to go eat cake or something...

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