June 17, 2001

Little miss unannouced hiatus pants updated!

So a year. No, not since I've updated (but from the email, you'd think that it was!). No, a year since I arrived in Korea. It should be a time of reflection, a time to ponder the things that I've learned and discovered. Yeah, it should be, but I'm fucking tired. See, in the last 5 days I've worked like 75 hours. The supply office is getting a new computer system to automate all of their transactions....and you know what that means. I type fast and therefore, I'm the best person for the job. I only agreed to it since I'm getting overtime pay. It's summer time here and you all know what that means...killer electric bills from running the air conditioner. Oh, and I've got a second job!! I'm actually pretty excited about this one. I'll be teaching conversational english to a bunch of Korean kids. Good pay and only hour long classes. Can't beat that with a stick!

I should probably recap the past month huh? The dinner. It was fabulous! I looked pretty good for a not-quite-so-fat-as-I-was person. Basic black and a killer wrap. Good makeup job since I did the dry run before I took a shower. Bad food and funny entertainment. Typical dining out stuff. We didn't stay for the dancing since my feet were in major protest mode at being stuffed into heels. All in all, it was a nice evening out.

We've decided to buy a newer car. John's car hates me and something breaks every time I drive it. The car has now taken John as it's mortal enemy and decided to: lock him out after 29 hours of duty, break the door handle off so that even if he could unlock it he still couldn't get in, need another air conditioning charge. Since someone was selling a Sonata in much better shape than the evil Excel we have, I decided to get it for him. Happy Father's Day honey, you're getting a car that your wife is willing to drive every now and then!!

We've talked some more about where we would like to go when it's time to leave here in 2003. Yes, you heard me right, 2003. The extension was approved and we're here for an extra year. Anyway, I waxed on and on a few months ago about how I would love to spend another tour in Europe. Well, go west a bit. Further. Further. Have you hit California yet? Keep going....keep going. See that little speck in the Pacific? Yes! Hawaii! John put in paperwork requesting Hawaii as our next assignment. It wasn't hard to convince me....the allure of sun and sand and ocean compared to long winters and grey skies. Hmmmm, which would you choose? I've heard everything from "You'll hate it!" to "You'll love it!". Yes, I do realize that it is an island, and therefore, only so fucking big. There is sand and surf...always a good sign for me to just stop and enjoy.

In 10 days it is my birthday. I'll be 35. Someone actually referred to me as "older" the other day. I wanted to die right on the spot. Since when is 35 considered older?!?! I'm still not sure how I feel about this birthday. Normally, I could care less about them, it's just a number. Half the time, I forget how old I am. 35...it just seems like I should know what I want to be when I grow up. I have no idea what I want to do with the rest of my life. I'm still concerned about having fun and living for the moment. Does that make me less of an adult? I mean, John and I do have some "grown up" stuff happening...we have our retirement savings plans, we're always talking about his retirement from the Army, we're working to pay off debts and live within our lesser means now. (Yes, losing the jobs in the States where I was making as much as him....that hurts!) I don't know. I'm just not real happy about another birthday. I just had one it seems like. I'm not ready for the downhill slide to 40 yet! Mon, no cracks from you!!! :)

A little more about this new jobby thing. One of the mechanics at work came up to the office and told me that his wife was wondering if I would be interested in teaching English to some Korean kids. There is this whole "school" where you teach one hour classes to specific age groups. She's teaching anywhere from ages five and up. She doesn't seem to be having much luck with the older teens and wanted to know if I'd take over her classes. Sure, I can teach English. In a training/teaching environment, I can get pretty creative and tend to teach by the seat of my pants. (And no, I don't want to be a teacher, I'd end up killing all my kids!). My first class is tomorrow afternoon, 6-7pm. She told me that the school will probably ask me to take over more classes if I'm reliable. For 23,000 Won per hour, I'm extremely fucking reliable, trust me! That's twice what I make an hour at my day job. If I can do about 2 hours per night, 5 nights per week, I can pay our rent. 3 hours per night, 5 nights a week and I can pay rent and utilities. That's over a thousand bucks we can be putting towards our debt. If I can get John into some later classes, he can teach as well and we can make even more to pay shit off quicker. I'm tired of being broke. I'm tired of having to watch what we spend. I'm tired of all of it. I just want it all gone and gone for good. I'm a huge lover of layaway now. Living within my means, paying things off BEFORE I get them. What a concept huh? Anyway, that's everything, in a nutshell.

To my dad (Mon, help him find this page!), Happy Father's Day! I know we aren't as close as you would like, and most of that is because of geography. I need to be better at actually answering email, and I promise, I will from now on. I hope that the weekend finds you healthy and happy. I love you!

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