May 09, 2001

Welcome to Fashion Week!

So uh, I had to go get measured for a skirt this afternoon. Yes, you guessed it, the skirt never made it out of the States. I wonder if the skirt ever existed at all or if the stupid fuckers at just couldn't believe that I can have a bank account all on my own. I cancelled the order this morning after learning that the skirt wasn't shipped as promised. They claim that it is the bank's fault. I claim they are dolts since I can order anything else online and have never had a problem.

The wrap...I alluded that there was more to the story and there is. See, if you read yesterday's post, I said that the tailor had said the word "each" when asking me for the money. It never registered with me. It never registered until John picked up the wraps and brought home one lovely blue wrap and one lovely black wrap. Obviously when the man smiled at me and said he understood, he didn't. I took them back in this afternoon and he said he would sew them together for me for free. The skirt should be ready Friday night. I told him I needed it that night. I really don't need it until Saturday but I want that extra time as a buffer in case something isn't right.

I have decided that I'm going to treat myself to another pedicure and manicure on Saturday morning. So far, nobody can go with me, so fuck them, I'll go get pretty all on my lonesome! Is it totally wrong to want my nails and toes to match the blue in the wrap? I have no idea about all this fashion sense stuff....Mon, help me out here, you are a military wife!!

Thank you to everyone that emailed me. Rich, I would love to have a mix cd, however I can't respond since you emailed me at I fixed the email link at the bottom of the page for now, changing it to hotmail again. Sorry this is short everyone, but I've got to go make dinner.

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