February 14, 2001

Aein (Ay-een) Sweetheart

So here I sit...4:23pm on Valentine's Day. Little vanilla/berry (FREE!) candle with the red gel heart in the middle...burning right here next to me. My two V-day cards propped up here on the desk. WildChild sitting in the living room playing with her new note cards and hopefully actually WRITING letters to people. The new router that I bought for John sitting here on the floor waiting to be unpacked and setup.....

What? You want to know what *I* got? Nothing...this morning. If my husband remembers, I might get it this Saturday when we go up to Seoul for the day. See, just to prove that I'm a woman and romantic and gushy and all...I asked for my V-day present a week ago. And I do give John much credit for trying to find it for me. I asked for a Ronco Showtime Rotisserie. Yes, just the thing that is on many wish lists for this festive holiday, right? Now, before you go dashing off an email to my husband asking if I am really sane or for real or anything else for that matter, please remember that I'm all about the instant gratification. I WANT IT NOW!

We *think* that there is one up at the store in Seoul, but he needs to go to the store here and ask them to hold it for us until Saturday. I have no idea if they can actually do that, but we're going to ask. (Read: if he doesn't do it first thing tomorrow morning, I'll call myself and ask) I am lusting for this rotisserie people. I've been craving some good roasted chicken and throwing some in the oven hasn't cut it. I did prove to him that I would actually USE the George Foreman grill that I bought myself (while he looked at me with a smirk on his face, probably thinking "another one for the storage area out on the balcony") by using it almost every single day. Man, I love me some grilled anything. It is fast and easy and a breeze to clean.

Other than this lovely holiday, absolutely nothing is going on in my life. I'm still getting to the gym as often as I can, still waking up each morning, still following my LC diet, still happy each morning when I don't have to cry to button the jeans. Actually, they are getting pretty loose. I'm holding out though, no new clothes until more people actually notice that I'm losing weight. It is hard though, because I see the same people all the time. I'm wishing for that "Oh my god Michelle!! You look mahvalus!" but unless Billy Crystal is hanging out in Korea now, I doubt it'll happen. I'll settle for the jeans getting looser and the cheekbones reclaiming their rightful place on my face and the collarbones making a surprise appearance after being declared missing in action over five years ago.

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