February 04, 2001

*tap* *tap* Is this thing still on?

Do ya'll understand the pain when I say the words "I had to format the hard drive"? Some of the files were salvaged, some were not. It only took me like 4 days and what seems like hundreds of attempts just do download another copy of HomeSite. It's all the little things that annoy me now. Like, I don't remember updating my browser to 128-bit encryption, but evidently I had, because my bank kept spitting me out of billpay telling me to upgrade. Think I'm ignoring you because I haven't responded to email? Nope, I just don't have it any longer. All this because I wanted to have a burner on my computer. I didn't think it was fair that John was hogging both of them and that the third one went tits up which left me cold and lonely and with a hard drive full of songs waiting to be burned. What bad grammar, but I'm too annoyed to fix it, ya'll know what I mean anyway.

Most of the interesting shit has happened in the last few days anyway...let's recap.

On last Thursday, I broke my fucking toe. No, not the big one, the one next to it. How? Walking out of the bathroom, still mostly asleep, at 4fucking30 AM. Now, remember in the email where I talked about how good I was, going to the gym all the time? Not now. Kinda hard to walk on the treadmill when you are trying to concentrate on walking on the outside of your foot. So there I am, at work on Thursday. Walking all lopsided must have totally thrown off the small amount of equilibrium that I have left, because I was walking into tables and such for the rest of the day. I look like some toddler has used their playskool hammer and beat the living hell out of my thighs. Yeah baby, you know you wanna see me in shorts at the gym now, right? Well wait, there's more. Opening a box, I was trying to get the equipment and packing materials out without making a mess. I went to fold the flap down so that the top would stay open and totally sliced my thumb open on a staple that was in the cardboard. No stitches, just iodine and a bandaid, but still. Surprisingly, I wasn't sent home out of fear that I would kill myself by the end of the day. J did spend her time doing most of the running around, she was probably scared that I'd wreck the truck if I tried to go to the Post Office. I did make it home without hitting anyone, picked up WildChild and promptly put on pajamas. I just felt it was the safest thing to do.

We did eat out at this neat Korean place, and yes, there are pictures. No, I haven't downloaded them off the camera yet so you'll have to be patient. Shit, that reminds me...I no longer have the disk for the camera software. Since my camera is no longer made nor sold by Kodak, finding the PictureEasy software is a MAJOR pain. *SIGH*

It keeps snowing. Remember a few months ago when I was longing for snow? Why didn't one of you slap me? I've slipslided my way to work at 6am more times than I care to remember right now. I suppose that could be considered aerobic exercise, what with all the heart pounding trips over bridges. There is probably about three inches of ice in our parking lot here at home. Do you know what it's like to lug grocery bags over that stuff? Yeah, more cardio. I live in fear for the truck. If I park it where I can actually get OUT of the parking lot without much trouble, it's in danger of getting hit. If I park it where it won't get hit, there's a possibility that I can't get it going. We won't even get into the number of mornings that the locks, windows and doors have been frozen shut. I take back all the nasty things I said about it being too hot here, really. It's got to be better than this ice crap.

The job situation is looking really good. I was pretty worried for about a month that I wouldn't get hired for the upstairs job, which would start when this temp job ends. Evidently I impressed the person I will be working for when I stayed an extra three and a half hours the other night to help move the office around and paint. We got carpet laid and since everything was out, painting seemed like a good idea. Now, I realize that the people who work there make oh, about 10X as much as I do, but it just seemed like the right thing to do. It didn't really enter my mind, the idea of "oh hey, if I stay, so-and-so will be impressed!" It just felt right, that's all. My sources tell me that my future boss was beyond impressed, and has done a complete 180 on his opinion of me. THAT made me feel good. Besides, I need to keep working...I've got goals babe. Sometime this year, I want to take scuba lessons. I say "this year" because it's NOT going to be until I reach a point that I won't scare fish and humans alike by putting on a wetsuit. It WILL happen this year though. I'm more determined than ever, even moreso than when I lost 50 lbs or so a few years ago. THIS is it, really. I want to be that trophy wife. I want to be the one that people are envious of. I want to be "the pretty wife with brains" instead of "the fat stupid wife". (Yeah, looks are misleading.) And most of all, in another 7 or 8 months, when I see those bitchy wives again, I don't want them to recognize me. I want to look better than they do. How's that for petty? :)

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