January 02, 2001

Sae Hae (say-hay) New Year

Really, you can call those St. Bernards back in, as well as the cute Mounties...I'm fine. I was just off enjoying my holiday time with massive amounts of sleep, food, alcohol and family time. Not all at once mind you, but you get the general idea, right? There's been something else, too. I have no earthly idea what in the hell I should write. Everyone has already done letters and lists and talks and thoughts, all about the year past and year to be.

I feel rather boring with my 'resolutions'. They are the same old ones that everyone else has. Lose weight, be a better person, lose weight, learn something new, lose weight. I've decided to NOT go to the gym this week...I figure by not going I can weed out all the pansies that quit after the first few visits. What I did do today was to drink enough water so that I considered asking my boss to just set up a new desk in the restroom. I have VERY happy kidneys today. Ya'll really wanted to know that, right?

John and I did a lot of talking this weekend. Remember a few months ago, when I was talking about all the places in the US that we wanted to go back to? Well, I think we've changed directions. It's all my fault. See, I was watching some show on the Indian network, something about traveling in Asia. On this show they were in Europe, so go figure. Anyway, they were visiting all the Christmas Markets in Germany and Austria and great snowy places like that. I was all homesick for those wonderful memories. I started to think about "one last tour" there. A few days before New Years, I brought up the subject to John. I rambled and talked in circles, but basically I was asking him if he would mind doing one last tour in Europe. Imagine my surprise when he said he would love to go back there!! I should be honest though, just living in Europe again to travel wasn't the first thing on my list.

Way back in the old days, those glorious 80's that we all love so well, I was in graduating from high school. Yup, do the math, I was 17 at graduation in 1984. Well, back then, I didn't have to worry about all the things that kids in schools have to worry about today. Guns? Gangs? Murder? Those were things that happened in far away places, not someplace that I spent my mostly waking hours. As a parent with a child in a DoDDS system facility, I've been lulled into that sense of security knowing that my child is SAFE at school. There are armed guards to get on base, there are no metal detectors, there are no gangs, there are no murders. It is, in a nutshell, just like it was when I was in school. I want that for my daughter. I want her to not be scared to go to school.

So....and if you are family and expecting me to say that we'll be back in the US in a few years, you should probably stop reading this right now and come back for the next entry...we are going to try and get assigned to someplace in Europe directly from Korea. Tops on my list are either Germany or Belgium. Italy was looking pretty good, but I've been hearing some pretty icky horror stories the more I talk to people, but we haven't completely ruled it out. John and I both really enjoyed our time in Germany. Looking at Belgium on the military web sites looks pretty damned nice too. He's finally in a job and a position that he can basically, go anywhere in the world. I want to take advantage of that before it is too late. This is the last big hurrah for us and we want to make it count. Trust me though, we'll try and stay overseas until WildChild is done with school. Yes, more math...and for those that aren't paying attention, that would be another 7.5 years from today. We have about 18 months left here, give or take a few months, so that would mean trying to homestead ourselves over there for about 6 years. I think we can do it, as long as he doesn't get promoted and told he can't stay because he has to go back to school in El Paso. Ick ick ick. Who knows. What will happen will happen I suppose. Since the Department of the Army isn't always known for going along with a soldier's plans for the future, we might just end up back in the US for a few years.

So those are the thoughts on the coming year. Basically, lose weight and try and get a good overseas assignment. To the person that read through the web site from the Air Force on the west coast...hi, you spent an awful lot of time reading everything, so I sure hope you aren't an officer's wife! To my Dad, if he found the site...Hi Daddy, I hope you had a wonderful holiday, did my card get there yet? To my sisters...Hi Mon and Yvette! Happy Birthday Yvette, and I hope that the coming year holds nothing but happiness for you! To everyone...Sae Hae Pokmani Padushipshio! No, that isn't a pokemon reference, that is Korean for Happy New Year!

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