December 16, 2000


I'm sure I have more cards to mail out. I have that horrible, nagging feeling like when you oversleep in the morning. Just enough to throw off your whole day, but not enough to make you late for work. I'm combing through the old emails trying to make sure that I've covered everyone...Let me know if you don't receive yours by this coming Friday, ok?

So...I'm all nostalgic this evening. There are things that I miss and they pretty much cover the bases. Here are a few, with comments of course.

- I miss holiday light displays in yards. Since there aren't many yards here, and since Koreans don't seem to decorate except for the benefit of us 'mericans, there aren't many lights to look at. It just doesn't quite feel like Christmas, ya know? I want to see the 10,000 light displays from the warmth of my car, listening to my strange holiday cds.

- I miss the holiday milkshakes at all the fast food places. Eggnog milkshakes are seriously lacking in my life at the present moment. If I could find eggnog ice cream (is there such a monster?), I would make my own.

- I miss baking cookies with friends. I also miss baking cookies with my family. My sister (Hi Mon!) said she doesn't remember Mom baking. I wish I could give her those wonderful memories that I have. She remembers all the nasty stuff that Mom loved to eat and would make us eat, like stuffed peppers, corned beef and cabbage, things like that. I, on the other hand, have memories of heart-shaped strawberry cakes for my birthday and a salisbury steak dinner since that was my favorite.

- I miss shopping malls packed with holiday shoppers. I honestly never thought that I would say anything like that, but again, it just doesn't seem like Christmas without it. The store on base is always packed, and there aren't really malls here.

- I miss Taco Bell Chili-cheese burritos. There is a Taco Bell Express here, but they don't have what I crave. Quick story...John and WildChild were late coming home the other night. Since I'd already had dinner, they stopped and got something on base. WildChild came home and proudly informed me that she'd "...had two Guadalupas for dinner Mom!" Yes, she was talking about the chalupa.

- I miss the Christmas cheer that is usually prevalent when you are out and about this time of the year. I feel sad that so many people are treating this like just another day, just another month. I'm sorry that so many people are here, far away from family and loved ones, but I don't think it calls for Scrooge-life behavior from so many people.

- I miss my family. The whole lot of them. Aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws. Everyone. Last Christmas I pretty much jumped through hoops to make sure that we made it to Alabama for the holidays. I wanted John to have a nice Christmas, for WildChild to have some of the same wonderful memories involving grandparents, like I do. I wish I had the money to fly my family here and have everyone together this year.

I'm sure that I'll be fine, that we will have a wonderful Christmas this year. I just wish that it were different right now. It doesn't feel the same, like it would if we were in the US. Even in Germany, there were lights everywhere, stores and town plazas all decorated for Christmas. It was a huge boost in mood and feeling to see it. I remember being there for Christmas of 1985. We were driving through this small town, snow was falling softly. The cobblestones of the street were hidden under the freshly fallen snow. The huge stone buildings were only lit by an explosion of strings of white lights. There was a perfect silence, the wonderfully calm silence that you hear when it snows. I remember getting out of the car and walking up to my friends apartment. I stood in the middle of the street feeling like time had stopped just long enough to hand me that perfect memory.

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