December 13, 2000

Do you believe?

When did you realize there wasn't a Santa? How old were you when that bit of fantasy was taken away? What about the tooth fairy? Did you humor your parents and let them think that you still believed even after you knew better?

I'm not sure how to handle this, really. Where in the hell is my "How To Be A Cool Mom" handbook?? See, I had an older sister to ruin it all for me. She was the one that broke the news that Mom and Dad were Santa, so I could tell the store Santa anything I wanted and it wouldn't matter. WildChild doesn't have that. There is no older sibling to whisper the truth to her. I'm sure that her friends have told her, but she won't admit it to me. She talks about her presents from Santa, going to visit Santa up in Seoul the weekend before Christmas, the works. I don't know if I should be worried, amused or what. A few times I've almost broken down and just said "You know that Dad and I are Santa, right?" but I always stopped myself. I would feel like such a heel if I was wrong about her having friends that would tell her the truth about the whole thing. Is she not admitting this because she thinks that she won't get presents? Does she think that we'll just skip Christmas once she admits that there isn't REALLY a Santa?

It was snowing a bit this morning when I was driving to work. It instantly put me in a great mood all day. I was really tired and cranky since I haven't been going to bed early enough, but that didn't was snowing! Nothing that made driving dangerous, just a light dusting and a little blowing. It was gone by lunch of course, but I was still enchanted by it. I felt like a kid watching it blow and fall while I was driving. It wasn't even so bad that it was barely 6:45am, it was snowing. So what that I was a little tired, it was snowing! Didn't have time for breakfast, but it isn't a big deal, it was snowing!

May a light dusting of snow fall on your mood today...

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