December 12, 2000

Elves have taken me hostage!

Good news!!! I finally mailed off almost all of the Christmas cards!! I think the only stragglers are to family, so if you signed up for a's in the mail. Really! I already bought my present for my Secret Santa person. I hope they like what they got, since I didn't have a whole ton of things to choose from. I only went over the $10 limit a little bit, so I hope nobody feels bad.

I'm really enjoying the new job. I'm finally feeling like I'm learning something and actually remembering it. I was beginning to think that J was going to say that I was a big, dumb, slow-poke while working, but she told me that I'm picking up on this stuff pretty quickly. I've never worked in any kind of supply operation so it's all greek/new to me. One good thing...her and D go to the gym during the week. Since we get off work at 3pm, the small gym isn't crowded. I walked on the treadmill for 35 minutes yesterday. I'm pretty happy with that, especially considering my complete humiliation using the Tae-Bo videos. I'm shooting for a M-W-F schedule for the next few weeks. Once I get used to that, I'll either try and go on the weekend or add in T-Th.

I was surprised that I was able to keep moving for 35 minutes. My goal was only 20 minutes, but twice I upped the time by 5 minutes. I don't want to set some horribly high and painful goal and either hurt myself or just give up. I'd like to get in shape. I'm not asking to be a size 5, because really, that isn't EVER going to happen. I'd just be happy to stop shopping at the fat lady stores, if you know what I mean. Here I am, in a country where I can get ANY article of clothing custom made, and I'm too embarrassed to go have something done. I will go get a winter coat made this weekend, but that is more out of necessity. The weather here has been sharp-nipple cold sweeties. Like, the high the other day was around 18, but the wind was blowing at around 21kph. I have no idea how to figure out the wind chill for that, but let's just say I didn't step outside to smoke.

Since it is only Tuesday, I don't have much to talk about. I just didn't want to go a whole week without updating, so I thought I'd just touch base a bit with y'all. I'm going to go read a book by the tree and relax for the evening. Besides, John needs the internet connection.

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