December 10, 2000


First things first.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MON!!!!! Yes everyone, my little sister's birthday is today. I won't tell you how old she is since she, like me, doesn't look her age. Of course, I didn't think about what today was, so she won't have some nifty gift from me to open up today. I'm organized like that!

Today is Cookie Baking Day in the BackBite house. So far we've made a batch of tollhouse cookies using both chocolate and peanut butter chips. They rock muchly! Next we are going to make some mini m&m cookies. Whenever John gets home I'll make the magic bars.

I remember when we were kids, making cookies for the holidays. Mom usually had to make double batches since we'd want to eat them as soon as they were cool enough. Since my mom was one of eight kids, there was always a huge number of people gathering on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. It was normal to have at least 40+ people in my grandparents home, everyone having a good time. My great uncle Charlie would show up and always promised me a purple pony (something I had asked for once when I was quite small). All of us kids would be hanging around the treats table, nicking grandma's peanut butter fudge from the table. I just mainly remember an overwhelming sense of love. I miss that feeling now that I'm older. Don't get me wrong, I have a wonderful time here with my own little family, but I just have these great wishes of a big old house, tons of family there, snow. In other words...not in this lifetime, or unless we suddenly adopt a bunch of kids.

Do you have one special thing that you make for the holidays that just screams Christmas at you? I do. We always called them Russian Teacakes, but I've seen them called Mexican Weddingcakes too. Those little round cookies that you roll into little balls, bake, and then roll into powdered sugar a bunch of times after baking. Makes such a mess, and they require copious amounts of milk nearby if you are going to eat them. This year I want to make them but with a twist... I think I'll roll them around a chocolate chip and see how they turn out. I have no idea if it will work or not, but it sounds good to me and WildChild!

Since WildChild doesn't read my journal, I can let you guys know what I've gotten her so far. I found a cool Harry Potter game on Amazon, as well as the Tekno Robot Puppy. I also got her the magnetic poetry words set, so we can make poems on the front door. Every 10yo girl needs color changing nail polish, so I got her some of that as well. The bead set I'll probably regret after the first time I step on a bead in the middle of the night. I still need to find her "something to eat" present. She needs clothes, but I'll wait until after the holidays to get her those things. I need to get some stockings made downtown since I was an idiot and didn't ship ours here. I have a huge box full of holiday decorations...all sitting in some storage unit in El Paso someplace. We did buy a tree yesterday. It's a fake, of course, since we couldn't even find the boy scouts to order one for delivery. It's not bad, especially for only $55. It is 7' tall and huge compared to what we usually have. We had to buy lights for it, and they didn't have any of the small ones, only the bigger bulbs, like we had when I was a kid. We stuck to a theme, which is blue/white/silver ornaments and blue/white/clear lights. Even though we bought 6 boxes of ornaments, I'll have to go back to the store tomorrow and get more. It looks pretty pitiful with just the 36 ornaments on such a big tree.

Cookie update: We are now on the batch of mini m&m cookies. Strike that, the last sheet just came out of the oven. Can you tell yet, that I just leave this window open and keep walking off? Cause I do, yes indeed. While I was making cookies, I also made another batch of amaretto. Stop looking at me like that, you know you like to drink it in hot chocolate when it's cold outside! It's quite easy, and you can find a recipe for it most anyplace. I'd like to try making kahlua. I remember my mother trying to make it once, but I can't remember if it ever came out. Just remember to use the cheapest vodka you can find, because it truly doesn't matter.

I'm going to end this and upload for now. Maybe tomorrow I'll feel more motivated and take some pictures of the tree. Have a great day!

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