December 02, 2000

Bonus Entry

I'm sitting here in the computer room with the doors to the living room closed, the cinammon scented oil is in the tea light burner making the room smell delicious, headphones on listening to a wide variety of Christmas music. I'm in here because nothing is on TV and we didn't stop at the video store to get movies.

Do ya'll realize what cheesy Christmas music is out there? Let's look and see what is on Michelle's playlist in winamp...

Wham - Last Christmas. Oh the days of MTV when I was in High School. Back when we all thought George Michael was straight and our pretend boyfriend...

The Ramones - Merry Christmas. Honestly, I've never heard this song before this year. I was bored one night and searching for holiday music. The jury is still out on the decision to add this to the burn list or not.

Cheech & Chong - Santa Claus and His Old Lady. I'm sorry if anyone finds this one offensive but I think it's hilarious as hell. I grew up watching the movies and laughing my ass off and yes, normally umm, 'mentally altered' at the time. Great sound clip, wouldn't be Christmas to me without it.

Henry Rollins - Twas the Night Before Christmas. Another new entry to the holiday music list this year. I love the background noises throughout his recitation. (Is recitation a word? If not, I just made it one) I have some serious Henry-Rollins-Love so this is a great find.

Chris Cornell - Ave Maria. I've always loved this song, it's the repressed recovering catholic in me. I can sing along with it in the proper latin, as taught to us by our mother. Of course, don't ask me what the hell I'm singing, we learned it all phonetically.

The Waitresses - Christmas Wrapping. Yes, I know this was on the original Very Special Christmas cd. I bought that one. I like the total 80's sound it has. It brings back memories of holidays with snow and baking cookies and being young and hanging out with friends. *sigh*

The Beach Boys - Christmas Day. Yes, I must admit to a serious love of surfer music. I think it was growing up in Ohio while having dreams of being a "California Girl" that nurtured that love. Cheesy and short, but a Christmas song nonetheless.

No Doubt - Oi to the world. Should that be "oy"? I'm just using the spelling that came with the mp3. Weird but since I like the band, I downloaded it.

Johnny Lang - Santa Claus is something something (I have no idea what goes here). I vaguely remember this being a song sung by Elvis. Am I right? My mother had all the Elvis albums, and I mean ALL. That's what we cleaned house to ya'll. Anyway, I like the blues sound to this one, it is definately a keeper.

Poppa Hop & His Orchestra - Blue Yule. It sounds like Merry Christmas Baby but that isn't what it is called. Another blues song though, and another keeper.

Clint Black - 'Til Santa's Gone. There will be no laughing at me for having this song. It's the cutest fucking song!!! You should all just go to Napster right now and search for it and download it. Seriously. It's short so it'll be a quick download.

Bon Jovi - Please Come Home for Christmas. I know, buttrocker. It's a holiday tune though, so that makes it ok, right?

Dean Martin - The Christmas Blues. Everyone should have plenty of Deano on their playlist. Really. You want some music that just makes you want to grab that scotch on the rocks and a smoke and schmooze the room.

Big Bad VooDoo Daddy - Christmas Time in Tinsel Town. You should like swing music if you are going to get this one, but it's a fun little song to listen to. I like it when they are all naming what they want for Christmas.

John Lennon - So This is Christmas. Standard issue music. Doesn't everyone have this one yet?

Bruce Springsteen - Merry Christmas Baby. I love this version, really and honestly I do. And thoughts of his cute butt don't hurt either.

Well, there is much more on the list, but that's all I really feel like putting up for now. Maybe if I find some more interesting tunes I'll add them for you guys. Have a great night and I hope the website is fully functional soon.

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New! Improved!

Well, I know that this will be visible pretty soon. If you are on the notify list, you know about what happened with the host and all. If you aren't on the notify list, why aren't you? People seem to be having a hard time joining, so if you want on the list and don't want to setup some kind of egroups account-like thingy, just drop me a line and I'll add you manually.

So...the job. It's great! I really like it and I'm going to enjoy working there. So far everyone has been wonderful and nice and helpful and pretty much anything you could ask for. I'm learning about working in a supply room and all the paperwork that it entails.

John and I have already made the decision that we're going to extend here for another year. That means we won't be coming back to the US until 2003 now. We're both really happy with the decision and so is WildChild. There is just so much that we'd like to do over here as far as trips and such, that 18 more months just isn't enough time. I don't want to just have one big stop in Hawaii on the way home and call it two years, ya know? We're looking into a few small trips, like to Hong Kong and Thailand. I'd like to find someplace to take WildChild for her spring break, too.

Other than that, nothing thrilling going on around here. We're making the final plans for everyone's Christmas presents, and hopefully, you all will know by now that your presents are going to be late...way late. I'm not going to get a good paycheck until the weekend before Christmas, so that means you guys aren't going to get presents until some time in early January. Just remember that we're thinking of everyone even though we didn't get everything mailed on time.

I'm going to go pretend that I'm a good web-person and fix some of the site and play with pages and everything. I wonder what other kinds of damage I can do...

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