November 27, 2000

Hey...aren't you supposed to be at work?

Why yes, this does look bad doesn't it? My spouting off about having a new job and starting today and all that. Then you find me here, still in flannel pj's and sipping coffee. It isn't what it looks like! I can explain!

See, the phone rang yesterday, and it was J. J was so very nice enough to call and let me know that there was still no official word from the BigWigs about hiring me, so they had to hold off. I'm cool with that, really! I understand the differences in time zones and last week being a holiday week and all. I should have the final word tomorrow before lunch, so there is nothing to freak out about. So there...that is all explained and now nobody has to fire off emails asking me why the hell I want to work with these people.

As you can tell, we survived the night with the kids. I was correct that the girls conked out early while M stayed up with us on the computers. It was great answering questions from a 6yo, really. "But why do I have to make money? I just want to build it and ride it, I don't care if anyone else likes it!" Since I woke up yesterday morning with the headache from hell and promptly went back to bed after a cup of coffee, two glasses of water and an Aleve, John did breakfast. He was popular since he made pancakes. I should have gone out there and told the kids they were eating LITE pancake syrup and stolen some of his thunder but I didn't.

I think I'm coming down with a cold and I'm not happy about it. I've been downing the vitamins and water like there is no tomorrow, because all I need is to show up for the first day of work looking like Rudolph the Snot- Nosed reindeer. I'm going to finish this and go lay on the couch and listen to Oprah or something on tv. Let the vitamins do some work, visualize killing those tiny cold germs, you know, the usual things you would do on a couch in the middle of the day.

BTW, for those wondering....yes, I do start work tomorrow! So entries will most likely be done in the evening now, which would be early morning east coast in the US.

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