November 25, 2000

Still stuffed like the turkey I am!

Well, I've got three kids running through the apartment. Apparently two movies from the video store weren't enough to keep them busy. We made pizzas from scratch, watched movies, played video games, played "old people" games (Monopoly for those that are wondering) and they are still going pretty strong. I'm thinking that the girls are going to conk out soon, since they didn't get much sleep last night. Little M is still going strong though. Right now, John is teaching him to play Sim RollerCoaster or something like that. Yes, we believe in spreading the Sim-anything addiction throughout the world thankyouverymuch.

Since it isn't quiet in here and I can't think straight and SNL is going to be on soon, I'm going to cut this short. Peace to everyone, especially me when it's bedtime!!

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