November 22, 2000

Chigop (Chee-gahp) Employment

Yes my sweeties, today's title says it all...I HAVE A JOB!

I found out for sure yesterday, and Monday morning at 7am I will be at work. I'm so happy that I could spit!! I think I'll be splitting time between Supply and Admin, or doing all Supply and learning Admin later, or something like that. I don't care, as long as they are paying me. It's not great pay, but really, isn't ANY pay, at this point, more than I am making now?

I'm preparing everything for Thanksgiving. I've got pies to bake today and I'm a little pissed off that all the frozen pie crusts at the store were broken. You all understand what this means, right? Uh-huh...Michelle has to make some pie crusts from scratch. I do not own a pastry blender, nor am I positive that I could identify one if it were sitting in front of me. I vaguely remember something from HomeEc about using forks, but I could be wrong. If I could clone myself, I'd be taking pictures for you all just to show you how hilarious this is going to be. I also need to figure out what else I can prepare today and just reheat in the oven while the turkey is standing. See, we have a kid sized oven. I'm fairly certain that the turkey will fit, but I know that nothing else will fit in there while it is cooking. I guess that answers one question...I'll have to prepare the scalloped oysters today. Also, how the hell am I supposed to make candied yams from scratch? Do they require baking? I was more than willing to get the canned stuff but John said to pick up a few sweet potatoes and marshmallow fluff. I can see now that I'll be looking up recipes all day to make sure I don't have to make a last minute dash to the store this afternoon.

It is going to be weird cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year. No Macy's parade to watch on TV while the turkey is in the oven. I suppose it's a bit much to ask that they hold it earlier to appease those of us living in earlier time zones. I have such wonderful memories of cooking on Thanksgiving. The night before, us kids would be helping mom prepare the stuffing by ripping up the loaves of bread. We'd help chop up the celery and onions. We got to help make the pies.

My first Thanksgiving with John was hilarious to say the least. We were living in a one room apartment and had two other people over for dinner that day. I must have spent hours in back and forth phone calls to my mother. How do I make stuffing? What goes in the candied yams? (I'm still not certain, they completely gross me out so I always make John prepare them) I was pretty safe with the smashed potatoes, as I'd made them before from scratch. My big problem came with the gravy. (Note: To this day, John will pick up some instant turkey gravy "just in case", and you'll see why...) Here is what happened:

ME: "Mom, how do you make gravy?"
MOM: "You are kidding, right? Please tell me you are kidding."
ME: "Uhhh..."
MOM: "OK...get some drippings from the know what the drippings are, right?"
ME: "OK, all of them?"
Me standing in the kitchen-like area, friend Sherry by my side, we're getting ready to dump the drippings from the roasting pan into a saucepan.
MOM: "NO!! Just a few spoonful is good."
ME: "OK, a few spoons, got it supposed to be this gross looking?"
MOM: "OK, now get a cup and mix up some milk and flour so that there are no lumps."
*NOTE: Yeah, right....easier said than done!*
ME: "OK, we've now got this disgusting milk mixture, now what?"
MOM: "Now, heat up the drippings and slowly stir in the milk stuff...keep stirring and it will thicken. Anything else you need this morning? It's almost time to eat here."
ME: "Nope, we're all back under control, thanks Mom! Love you!"

Now, that was my last phone call that morning to my mother. What happened next has gone down in John's mind as proof that I can't cook or something. So...Sherry and I are stirring and stirring and stirring...nothing is happening. We get the bright idea to mix up MORE milk and flour. You all see where this is going, right? We add the additional milk stuff and keep stirring...stirring...stirring...."Holy fuck!!!" Mom neglected to tell me to be patient. Mom didn't tell me that it would thicken all of a sudden. Mom didn't tell me not to add more milk and flour to appease my 'I want it now' personality. Yes, you could eat that gravy with a fork. It tasted great, but it was slightly weird to spoon gravy that was almost as think as the smashed potatoes.

So I'm going to end this, go hop in the shower, brew up some espresso-mocha-high-octane stuff to keep me motivated and go over to the kitchen and try not to cry. I'm going to make the scalloped oysters. I'm going to attempt to make a good pie crust for the blackberry and the sour cream apple pies. I'm going to chop celery and onions and mushrooms and pre-cook the sausage. I have no idea what the hell I'm going to do with the damned sweet potatoes.


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