November 17, 2000

Tangshinui taedapun mwossimnikka? / What is your answer?

If you haven't already heard, there is a worldwide survey of sorts going on at Planet Project. So, before you read today's entry, go there, take the surveys, then come back. If you have a good net connection, it doesn't take that long, I promise. I'll isn't like I have anything better to do! Look around at the comparative answers before you log out. I thought it was very interesting that they compared not only my answers to the world, but to the highlighted person on the page. Very enlightening, to me anyway. Did you all go take the survey yet? Good, because I don't want to ruin the questions for you if you haven't...

These questions are in random order, and of course, I'm not answering every single one here, just the ones that caught my eye/brain/whatever.

Do you think that you are more like your mother or your father?

I am like both of them combined. Really. I have my mother's temper and my dad's laid back attitude. Strange mix, but it's mine. This answer was split between the Mom/Dad/Both pretty evenly.

Would you switch your race if you knew you could not change it back?

Yeah, I know, this is one of the questions they are using to lure people into taking the survey. I answered in the negative on this one. I answered no because I don't think it's a fair question. How could I, born about as white as you can get, know what it would be like to be another race? I answered no because there in no way on earth that I could ever know what it is like to be discriminated because of the color of my skin. Even though I've known discrimination based on my gender, my nationality, my marital status, my weight, my clothes...I'll never know the kind of hatred that someone of another race as suffered. The overwhelming answer, when I last checked, was no. I don't know if that makes me sad or not, but I do understand it.

If it were legal to clone yourself, would you do it?

The last time I looked, the answers were pretty well split. I answered yes. I know that brings many arguments to the table what with ethics and all, but here is my reasoning. I am who I am today not only because of my genes, but because of my upbringing. There is absolutely no way to recreate that upbringing. Those experiences, thoughts, everything, they are what shaped me into Michelle. Sure, it might get to a point where only the pretty people are cloned, or only the people of a certain race, the people with blue eyes, the blondes. That isn't part of the question though. I would do it, if only to see how the new 'me' would turn out.

If you could travel back in time and change one thing in your past, knowing that the one change you make could cause your life to end up differently than it is now, would you?

Before I tell you what I answered, know that the answers to this were also pretty well split down the middle. I AM happy with my life, and it's easy to say I wouldn't change a thing since I know that I can't. But I said I would. There are things in my past that I would change, and I can think of a few that would fit into that "if I could change one thing" category. Would I have slept with that asshole when I was 15? Nope. Would I have spent more time with my Mom before she died? Of course. Would I have tried harder to find my brother before he died? No question about it. Would I take back that period in my life where all I seemed to do was hurt people? Definitely. The thing is though, I can't. I can't go back and change any of those things. Knowing that, it isn't something that I dwell on because it would make me sad.

Would you kill another person if your life depended on it?

Of course. I don't know if that has to do with military training, being a protective mother or what, but I would. I know that it is wrong to take another person's life, and I rationalized my decision based on my fears, not just a black/white right/wrong ideology. I would like to think that it wasn't just some "you have to kill that person over there or you will die" kind of thing, but more of a struggle with someone trying to take my life from me and my fighting back. I would still be devastated and all, but I could rationalize it. Overwhelmingly, the answer was yes. I think most people were thinking along the same lines that I was.

Do you believe in life after death?

Most people answered yes. I answered yes, but in looking at my answers compared with most of the others in that particular poll, probably not for the same reasons. There are many people that believe in Heaven. I just don't happen to be one of them. What I do believe is long and drawn out and probably full of theological holes, but that isn't the point. I do not, CANnot accept the idea of nothingness after death. I also can't accept the idea of some bigwig angel standing in front of some pearly gates waiting to tell me if I can pass through, either.

Which is closest to your views - "Human beings evolved from other species" or "Human beings were created by a God"

Put me in the summer camp with everyone that answered for the first statement. I believe in evolution. I would be one to put one of those little fish with legs thingys on my car. I don't believe in the idea of creation by a god, any god. This is one of the things that got me kicked out of Sunday school in the third grade. It was also my start of moving away from the strict Catholic upbringing we had foisted upon us as children. You know you are different when the nuns tell your mother to NOT bring you back. I do have a picture of my first communion somewhere though, to prove that I'm not a total heathen. Maybe some day I'll post it.

So there you have some of the more, to me, interesting questions that the polls asked. I actually really enjoyed answering the questions, and wish that there would have been some room provided for comments.

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