November 14, 2000

Step down off the soapbox and keep your hands away from the keyboard!

Wow. Let me just repeat that...WOW! Ya'll just rock more than the proverbial Bob, I swear! First off, your emails have totally made my day. I feel like I'm actually able to have a somewhat intelligent conversation at this point now. Brain stimulation, it's not just for breakfast anymore!

Let's do something easy this afternoon. How about a Korean cooking lesson of sorts? Today you all can cook dinner with me....we'll make Bulgogi. That is American for bulgogi.


About two pounds of thinly sliced beef, doesn't need to be some spectacular cut of meat.
Green onions, 3 or 4 will do, more if you really like them (I use around 6)
Minced garlic, at least two cloves (I use 4 but we all REALLY like garlic)
Carrots, grated. Two should do the trick.
Sesame seeds
Sesame oil
Red Pepper
Soy Sauce, and not that Lite stuff.
Sugar, just a dab, like a teaspoon.

Cooked rice

Slice up the green onions pretty small, mince your garlic and grate your carrots. Now your hands are not only stinky, they are orange. Isn't this fun?!?! Now, in a bowl, put the beef and onions and garlic. Put the carrots back in the fridge, you don't need them yet. Now, I don't measure, so this is all trial and error sorta. You need a LIGHT coating of sesame oil and soy sauce on the items in the bowl. I'd say about at least a tablespoon of each to start, stir and see how you are doing. We don't need bunches of stuff soaking in the bottom of the bowl, we're going for the "lightly coated" look. Now that everything is coated, add the sugar. This helps to cut the salty bits of the soy sauce. Sesame seeds and red pepper are truly up to you. Like the seeds? Add more. Like really spicy food? Add more pepper. Let marinate in the fridge for a bit. Before cooking, stir in the carrots. Now, get your pan nice and hot, but not hot enough to burn your meat, you just want it cooked rather quickly. Stir it around in the pan. You can use a wok if you like, it would work wonderfully. I use a giant non-stick pan. Stir around in the pan until the meat is cooked through. Remove from heat and serve on a bed of rice.

While it's cooking, it should look something like this:

And now, because John thought this was the greatest idea in the world....your moment of rowEn and Oliver zen...

Yes, he was standing behind the couch looking down on us while I was taking a nap on Sunday. I didn't know about the picture until I was downloading them from the camera this evening. No, I don't know when he'll get laid again hehe.

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