November 13, 2000

Stepping up on my soapbox

OK. I know that I already spoke of my views on the election so far. I stumbled across a forum that completely blew away my mind. I'm posting this stuff with no permission granted, so if by some small chance, someone reads it and thinks that you wrote it and would like it taken down, let me know and I will. I'm not correcting spelling or grammar errors. That being said...

Twit#1 - This year, I was almost goaded into voting by my boss. Yes, she constantly puts me down for not voting. How? You ask. Well, any time I open my mouth with an opinion, she tells me to hush, I don't have a right to an opinion cause I don't vote... Well now, I pay taxes, and my husband defends this country, I figure that gives me a right to an opinion, as well as the fact that I live in America, land of free speech. I don't care if others vote, I just choose not to. I am registered, I voted for the first time when I was 18, and that was the last time. Almost ten years ago, it's nothing personal, I just don't care to vote. Anyways, to make a long story short, I lied. I told her I was infact voting this year. She then asked me what did I do to be able to. (I am living outside my home state) I told her I filled out the necessary papers (of which I have no clue) then she inquired as to where I was voting... My calm reply, "does it matter?" See, I had to lie to be able to speak my mind, and I would lie again if I had to. Which is odd for me, cause I never lie. But, that is my story. Just wanted to share. Again, please let's be nice on this subject.

Let's be nice? Sweetie, I don't see nice in my future just now. Since you don't agree with the idea of no vote = no opinion, you figured you should lie about it. Good example for the kids, really.

Twit#2 - I understand what u are saying XXXXXXXX and I did not vote this year, because I live outside of my state that Im registered anyways the form that u have to fill out is an absentee ballot. I heard something today that really troubled me they were turning away people from the polls because they said that democratics vote Nov 7 and republicans vote today and alot of people were actually turned away I think that that is awful, I feel that if it sounds funny check it out and these people should have, but the really unfair part is that the government has to try and cheat to win an election. They were also telling people that were registered that they were not registered just to have 100's of people not being able to vote

Honestly people, I don't know how to respond to this. Someone took those joke emails seriously? Someone actually thought it was too much trouble to fill out an absentee ballot? This one left me kinda speechless, really.

Twit#3 - Hello Ladies, I hope I do not come across as mean or out of line but I wanted to express the reason why I did not vote. I did not have the time to spend in front of the TV keeping up on who is who and what each says they will do, therefore I did not vote. I personally don't care for either one of them and leave it in the hands of god and those that kept up with the 'promises' made by those running for president to decide who the better person is. Being I did not vote, I do not complain about who gets elected. I never have and never will. Someone insinuated before that if we don't vote then we don't care about the position of our guys in the service (or at least that is the way I took it and I am sure others did as well), is my vote going to make sure my husband is home more often? Will he not have to go to Korea for 1yr? Will it bring our pay up above poverty level? Will it keep our guys from doing 6mth rotations to other countries? I don't think so. There will continue to be conflict somewhere and we will continue to keep our guys away form their families to fix the problems. Therefore I do not feel bad or guilty about not voting. I believe that if I did not take the time to follow up on current events then I did not have the right to go vote for the first name that popped into my head. Or to christmas tree down the sheet. I go to work, come home, cook, clean, bath kids, play with kids, get a few minutes with my dh, and off to bed to get up and start all over the next day. I do understand that this does not happen every year and maybe I should take that into consideration when the time comes. This year I did not. I had bigger fish to fry between now and Dec. when my husband leaves. Every minute I have is spent with him and the kids. I hope I did not offend anyone.

OK, this one bothers me on many levels. First off, it wasn't like we needed to do some kind of thesis research to find out who to vote for. Basically, it starts with your party. Like that guy? Does he promise you things that you like and he's likely to get approved? Good, vote for him. Don't like your party candidate? What about a similar party? What about the opposite party? What promises make you feel good? What promises are so far out there that you'll never see them in your lifetime? Secondly, her husband is obviously in the military. Being that I am a military wife as well, I've got some opinions on this. Stop. Fucking. Whining. Really, does your husband need to hear how unhappy you are that he's leaving for a year or six months or 3 weeks or 4 days? No, he doesn't. How about telling your husband something along these lines..."Honey, I understand that you feel a sense of duty to our country, and since I love you, I'm willing to support you in your decisions and in your career." I guess the hard part there is that you should actually MEAN those words.

Twit#4 - XXXXXXXX: GOOD FOR YOU!!! I think you are right. You didn't have time to follow the canditates so you didn't vote. What do people expect you to do?...just pick the best looking guy? You did the right thing. And I don't see you complaining about made the choice and you are happy with your decision. I did not vote, neither did my husband, but for a different reason. I discovered too late that my voter registration card had expired. My husband was out of the country and thought he could register when he got here, but he missed it by a couple of days. Anyway, because I didn't vote, I prayed that the Lord would lead the best man into office. I leave it in His hands...and I think that is the best way to handle it. If I had gone to vote I would have prayed that the Lord would lead me to choose the right man, and prayed that he would win. I don't think there is a better way to handle it.

Well, I would make some snarky comment about people praying and stuff, but really, isn't that what Bush are Gore are both doing right now? I don't agree with her saying that Twit#3 was correct though.

I actually responded in here - I know that in the state of WA, when you receive your absentee ballot, you also get a voter's pamphlet. That booklet explains, in a nutshell, each and every candidates position on major issues. Being overseas, we don't get much of the information from television. We didn't have to live through the barrage of election commercials (thank god, as I hate those!). That being said, I PERSONALLY don't think that it would mean hours and hours away from the family and spouse to decide on who to vote for. We didn't spend hours apart, watching TV, listening to our friends/co-workers, pouring over newspapers and election booklets. We did watch all three debates, together, as a family. Even though my daughter is only 10, I want to teach her that voting is an important right to exercise. She sat in the car with me as I filled out my ballot and mailed it in. She wanted to know why I didn't get one of those nifty little "I Voted" stickers with the ballot. Your vote IS important, and this election, if it does nothing more, should prove that to any American. You don't necissarliy need to understand the Electoral College to vote, but you should at least exercise your right to vote if you are going to have an opinion. I agree with XXXXXXXXXXX on this, don't tell ME your opinion, tell the people running.

I really hope I didn't spell anything wrong. I hate standing on my soapbox and realizing that I've made some major spelling error in my furious typing.

Here, Twit#3 is trying to defend herself - I suppose I should have taken off work, stopped cooking dinner, ignored the kids and sent them to their room, told my husband he could wait until next year when he gets home to spend time with me, stop cleaning my house, let the cloths pile, etc.... just so I could sit on my butt in front of the TV and watch all the conferences, news broadcasts, comercials, etc.. so I could have made a decision that I could live with. I will keep that in mind next term as well.

BEEEEEEEEP, bad answer. Unacceptable! Does not compute!

OK folks, now we move into the really good stuff...ready?

RadicalTwit#1 - I stayed up till almost 12:30am-that is central time, and nothing had changed. When I got up this morning, the poll was still the same. Only thing different is Bush was the winner and then that was taken back. Florida needs to get it together! I am on the edge of my seat waiting to hear who wins. I have CNN on and won't change it till I know. There is a lot at stake for all of us military people. I know for a fact (NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE) that I don't nor does my husband want homosexuals in the military. We all know, one of the candidates says they should be allowed. That has been a big issue with the military for a long long time.
Ok, well I am a Christian and being so, I will have to tell you that God did not and does not approve of the homosexual lifestyle. He made Adam and Eve NOT Adam and Steve or Missy and Crissy. Get the picture? The military as well as this great country we all live in, were both built on Godly principles!! The reason the country is in the sad state that it is in is because we have gotten away from those Godly principles. To continue to elect officials who have no morals and do not follow those Godly principles is insane. I do not feel we should change and start letting homosexuals in the military, it is an unGodly lifestyle in the first place. If we continue to let unGodly officials in to leadership, this world is going to go to hell in a handbasket. And another thing, I did not vote for that same president due to the fact that he is in favor of partial birth abortion. I can not believe anyone could kill a innocent baby! God said do not commit murder. It is in the bible, you can read it for yourself. If we all would get back to the basics, the ones in the bible given to us by God, we would not have chaos in this world the way we do. I don't know if you are a Christian and I am not trying to push anything on you so please don't take it that way. However, I will tell you that it is written in black and white. There should be no gray areas!

Be very afraid. I don't know what else to say, except that.

MoreRadicalTwit#2 - XXXXXXXXX I do not nessasarily agree with do not be assosiated with worldly people, because even christians at times can be worldly. The bible does say that homosexual is wrong, but the word also says to go out into the world and make believers out of man, I personally feel that u can reach more unbelievers by not trying to avoid them or to discard them as rags but to be real and say Im a sinner just like you, but the difference is that I believe and although I make mistakes I live for God. Also just being an example can bring people to the Lord. Show them that is it the Lord that guides your shining light. Jesus died for all of our sins so that we all can be saved and meet our heavenly father in heaven.

I'm sorry, really folks, I thought that the thread was about VOTING. We are now completely off the topic of voting and who will be the next president, but I've still got some things to comment on here...

RadicalTwit#3 - RadicalTwit#2, you are right that as Christians we are supposed to help lead others to Christ and to set an example through our own lives. I know more than one homosexual...and a few of them claim to be Christian. Every chance I get I try to explain to them and show them in the Bible where it says homosexuality is wrong. They say "God made me this way. I can't help it". I think that is an excuse because they don't want to change their lifestyle. They are stubborn and I am too. I don't know how to help them, I can only pray for them. I do not discard them as rags, and I know I sin and I thank Jesus that He died so I could be forgiven, but the Bible says "Do not be yoked together with unbelievers". I will not accept or befriend a homosexual. I will not go out of my way to be around them. I will try to set a good example, pray for them, and try to teach them what the Lord says so that one day maybe they will change. I know that I am no better than anyone else, the only difference is I am saved. And for the homosexuals who say they are Christian...they know they are wrong, and they just don't care. You can be saved and still go to hell. Did you know that? You have to ask for forgiveness and try to change your ways...that is what true repentance is. Without true repentance you cannot make it into Heaven.

OK now, we've ventured into the area of homesexuals in the military, and homosexuality in general. My personal belief is that everyone who desires to serve their country should be able to do so. Period. If Joe and Steve want to sleep together in their off-time, great! I hope they are very happy together. I don't think that it will effect their job performance. What effects their job performance are closed minded assholes who think themselves superior because they are "christians" or "god-fearing" people. Look, if you fear God, then you really need to take a good look at your faith and why you believe that you believe. Faith should be there to lift you up, to support you in your times of need, not to beat you down and make you feel guilty for being different. To quote a line from the movie Dogma..." people don't celebrate your faith, you mourn it." That's just wrong.

FinalTwit#4 - This might be long because this is my first reply to this topic. I agree with XXXXXXXX 100%. The Bible says homosexuality is wrong. Not us. We just believe what the Bible tells us. If we "judge" someone according to what the Bible teaches us then it is not us doing the judging but God. This is another reason this country has gotten away from Biblical principles. Anytime someone wants to do wrong they say who are you to judge me, the Bible says don't judge others. But God has laws that we are to live by and that is fact. Like someone said (I think it was Lisa) it is in black and white, not gray. As Christians we can't shut ourselves off from the world because then how could God work through us to reach lost souls. We don't have to live the same lifestyle but I believe God puts people in our paths for a reason. We need to minister to those people. As for the presidential election it is unbelievable to me. I know that the man God wants in office will be in office because I believe God controls everything. Frankly, I believe He will return soon and everything that is happening here and in Israel and Palestine is in preparation for His coming. So whether Gore or Bush gets elected, rest assured that God is in control. I personally would rather see Bush as president but for whatever reason that might not be God's plan.

These are some of the people voting. These are my fellow Americans who are helping to decide who is going to run this country. These are the people who someday are going to be in charge if those of us that aren't in 100% agreement don't get off our asses and use our voices and our votes.

I've spent a lot of time since I got here, wondering why I don't have any friends. I know why now. These women scare me to the very core of my being. These are people who would look down their nose at me for not being a good "christian" woman and going to church each Sunday and teaching my child to quote from the Bible. These are the people that are mourning their faith and berating me for not mourning along with them. These people scare me.

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