November 10, 2000

I'm all about the bandwagon baby!

So ummm, I've read where a few journal writing people have written an entry or two after a drink or two. Well hoist me up on that bandwagon babe, cause I've had my uh, two, yeah, just two.

I actually had a pretty damned good day, hence the drinks. I'm not sure if I've mentioned the possible temp position I would be getting in late December. Anyway, it's mine, and the boss would like me to learn the clerical portion of the job as well, because that person is leaving very soon after the temp position ends. Needless to say, I'm thrilled! The only sucky thing is that it won't start until right before Christmas, so no extra PresentMoney right now.

Yesterday we converted the apartment back to 220 from the killer transformer from hell. For those that aren't familiar, Korea runs on 220V like your clothes dryer. Just to be different from Germany though, it's 60Hz instead of the clock killing 50Hz. Those Hz could be cycles or whatever they are called, I'm obviously NOT the electrician in the family. My job was to sit and watch John messing with the wires behind the fuse panel, keep turning on the light in the hallway and mentally prepare myself to kick him off the chair should he try and electrocute himself. We did have a good time last night looking around the electronics store. In addition to the additional smaller transformers that we needed, we also bought a coffee maker that is purple (YAY!), a humidifier so I can stop having nosebleeds because it is sooooo dry here, a cordless iron, and last but not least, a purple hair dryer for me. I woke up this morning with happy sinuses so all is well in my world.

I bought some Christmas cards when we stopped by the PX yesterday on our little shopping spree. If anyone would like a card, email me your address and I'll send you one. If you want to send me one too, let me know and I'll send you my address. If you really want something "korean" let me know in the email, and I'll hunt down some postcards to enclose or something. I like the cards that we bought, even if they aren't Hallmark.

Since we're all about being broke because of the recent purchases, we rented dvd's to watch this weekend. We've already watched Tombstone and Interview With The Vampire. WildChild is watching Dark Crystal as I type this. Yeah, I'm a bad mother, she's up still and it's looming in on midnight. At least I know she'll sleep in tomorrow morning meaning we can all sleep as late as Oliver lets us. He'll probably start biting my toes at 6am wanting food.

Call me lame, but I love the movie Tombstone. It holds a special place in my heart from when I watched it while getting my wisdom teeth taken out. I went to a pediatric dentist and they had those neat little goggle thingys that you put on and watch movies. The distraction, as well as the extra novocaine, made me want to propose to the dentist. Yeah, a twosome with Kurt and Val ranks right up there on my list of things I'd like that will never come true. IWTV was pretty good as well, since it's been years since I've seen it. I still don't think that Brad was right for Louis or that Tom was right for Lestat. I hope they get it right with Queen of the Damned. Anyone know who the hell is going to star in that one?

Well, WildChild's movie is just about over and it's almost midnight so I'd better get this posted before I need to change the date.

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