November 09, 2000

The hell?

So I've gone to sleep twice now, hoping to wake up and find out who the new president is going to be. Yes, I'm wanting to hear a certain name, but at this point, almost any name will do. Let's look at what is going on...

Keep in mind, that the times listed are MY time here, and I'm like 14 hours ahead of EDT, ok?

0900 We start having our live feed from NBC in the US for election coverage. As usual, AFKN fucks that up so I'm forced to switch between that and CNN for information. CNN can't be counted on as they keep showing me BizAsia and such, which I don't really want to see. I chat online, watching the map turn red.

1250 I have to leave the house for a Parent/Teacher conference. I haven't killed WildChild yet, but let's just say she's kinda house bound, ok?

1400 I get home. I'm really not liking the news that I'm hearing. Waaay too much red on that map for my liking. I get a little too happy about PA and some of the smaller states.

1500 Nothing much new, except my surprise at the lead the red states have. I have to start wondering who the hell is voting.

1620 OK, they've called the election for Bush. I'm not thrilled obviously. I walk around the apartment, I make jokes on forums about staying here in Korea until 2004 instead of 2002. I realize that they aren't as jokey sounding as I think, that I'm seriously thinking those very thoughts.

1730 Well well well, not so fast there Mr. Shrub. Seems that the vote isn't a 'landslide' of more than 50K votes, it's down to less than 1K. Is that hope I see glimmering on the horizon?

1830 By now we are hearing reports coming out of Florida. Missing ballot boxes, found ballot boxes, confused voters, invalid ballots. I'm actually surprised that the accusations aren't flying out faster and meaner.

1900 We take a break to watch Everyone Loves Raymond and Friends for the next hour. Well, that and AFKN obviously decided that 10 hours was enough.

2000 Oh look, CNN still has election coverage. We're watching all the reports about the two phone calls, reporters out in the nasty weather talking about if someone is asleep or not, wondering when/if a candidate is going to address the public any time soon. Let me note here, that it's about 6am back on the east coast, I don't have any thoughts that anyone is going to address anybody for at least a few hours.

2300 I give up. 14 hours, give or take a sitcom or two, is more than enough and I go to sleep. get the idea.

That brings us up to today. I woke up at about 0500 and flipped on the TV. No new news, and I'm pretty happy about that. So happy that I go back to sleep for a few hours, because nobody has work or school this morning so I don't need to be awake at ungodly hours.

I'm completely intrigued as to what is going on in the state of Florida now. Still no news as of noon today here, 10pm on the East coast. I watched a discussion on CNN with Larry King and the two congressmen from Florida, one Democrat, one Republican. Besides being disgusted at their actions, and personally thinking that the Republican was a little smarmy for my taste, I was amazed at the "yes you did" "no we didn't" bullshit they kept doing. Personally, I do believe that the ballots were confusing. Why the hell aren't Bush and Gore numbers 1 and 2? I've dealt with elderly people before, it would VERY easily confuse them. I don't care if it was approved by a Democrat, was that Democrat versed in the legalities of ballots? I think that the precinct pretty much assured some kind of good footing for those that filed suit when they passed out the 'Urgent Message' to each polling station concerning the ballots in that county. I personally think that Rep. Wexler made a good point when he said that a majority of elderly Jewish and Italian voters would NOT vote for Buchanan. Well duh!!

I've looked at the ballot from Palm Beach. Democrats are saying that it's confusing, Republicans are saying that the ballot is just fine and was approved by the Democrats. I think that the number of complaints shows that it was confusing. Not that I want this whole thing drug through court for ages and ages, but then Wexler said something disturbing... "voters who realized that the ballot was confusing, and realizing that they had voted for Buchanan on accident, asked for a new ballot and were told they could not get one." Uh hello? Illegal voting practices. If not illegal, at least highly immoral in my eyes. Of course, my eyes and my thoughts aren't deciding this election.

I'm just as in the dark as everyone else. I feel more in the dark being so far away from history unfolding. My tenuous link, international CNN, is on almost all the time. AFKN has gone back to normal programming. The world is getting on with normal business and we don't know who the next President of the United States is going to be. We may not know for a while yet, and that is OK with me. I, like many other citizens, have questions about what happened in Florida, bringing into the equation the brother. I was glad to see him recuse himself from the board. I still don't think that puts him above reproach. I'm willing to wait, I just don't want to wait a long time, and I want to hear the name Gore.

{Edited because I mixed up Wexler and Foley's names}

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