November 04, 2000

Honja kyeshimnikka? (Hone-jah kay-sheem-nee-kkah?) Are you alone?

It's nice and quiet here in the computer room right now. It's a little bit after 8pm, John is off at some SuperSecret Army dinner that wives and other assorted non-army people aren't invited to. WildChild and I are sitting here, no tv or radio on, at our respective computers. I may need to seek help for her soon, she's playing The Sims. Again. I have my headphones on, even though I'm not listening to anything. It keeps her from talking while she's playing. Basically, we're just waiting for John to call and tell us to pick him up, being that I'm the designated driver and whatnot this evening. Yeah, much fun in my life. See if he gets laid tonight, hmph!

There's something that has been bothering me a bit, ever since WildChild joined soccer and I started interacting with real soccer parents. First off, except for the coaches, all the parents pretty much fucking suck. Example: The Blaze played two games this morning, back to back. They tied the first game, and won the second. The second game was pretty much ruined by the other team's parents shouting rude things to the refs and demanding to know why they called something the way they did. We had kids from the other team running off the field crying because they were basically throwing fits for not getting their way and because they were losing. Ya'll, a full bird COL's son was almost in full tantrum mode. The kid is in 5th grade! I had to use all my willpower not to walk over and smack him upside the head for being a brat. So where was I? Oh yes, parents. Evidently, I am a rare breed over here. Not because I'm a geek or anything, or because I read shit that isn't on Oprah's reading list. I'm rare because my husband isn't an officer. Yes folks, he's enlisted. Shame shame shame on us.

Have all the officer's wives stopped reading yet? Good. Now I can get nasty. What the fuck is wrong with actually having a conversation with me? I'm pleasant, I shower every day, I brushed my teeth this morning. I even offered you some of my coffee! You saw me without my husband the first few practices, and were all nice and talked to me and I thought it was great. Then he showed up one evening, still in uniform since ya know, he WORKS for his low pay and crappy hours. That is when the "looks" started. Suddenly I wasn't so funny. I wasn't intelligent enough to hold a sound thought in my head long enough to hold a conversation with you any longer. You see, I'm perceptive. I know that is rare for us lowly enlisted wives, really. I've been instantly labelled as stupid just because my husband isn't an officer. It's been decreed that you shouldn't speak to me in case I tarnish your sterling fucking ass. Yeah, thanks for making me feel welcome. I've extended offers to meet for coffee, asked about book clubs, asked about volunteer opportunities, pretty much all the same shit you all do with each other. Nothing. Not a damned thing. (NOTE: I don't swear like this in front of people, I swear!)

Why do people have to get so caught up in class? My husband has worked hard for the last 17.5 years to get where he is. We've spent almost as much time apart as we have together. He's always been the first person to leave on a deployment and the last to return. No exceptions there either, lest anyone think I'm exagerrating. I can balance the checkbook myself, I swear. I can pay all the bills on my own without taking everything into the base to have someone help me. I can drive. I can tell you off the top of my head what the balance is in the checking account within $10 at any given time. ($675) I can tell you exactly who we owe money to, how to get in contact with them if I don't get a bill, the works. I can take care of the cars if I need to, though I don't like it.

I, I NEED to know, why I'm not good enough to be your friend. If we met without you knowing who or what my husband is, and I was OK then, why aren't I deemed worthy now? My daughter wants to be friends with your kid, and you aren't exactly encouraging it. Do you want her to learn that people should be looked down upon because you think they have a lower station in life? Because that is what you are teaching her. I've spent all of her life teaching her that everyone deserves a chance, no matter what they look like, if they have money or not. We all drink the same water, breathe the same air, eat pretty much the same food. She's 10, don't make her jaded this early in life. She doesn't understand this, she only knows that she'd like your daughter to spend the night and there's always an excuse why it isn't allowed. Me on the other hand, I just feel sorry for you. I'm also pretty fucking bitter and tired of it, but I don't tell her that. I feel sorry that you won't know what a good friend I can be. I feel sorry that you won't know how smart I really am. I feel sorry that you will never know how absofuckinglutely great my kid is since you don't want to get to know her. I feel sorry for your kids, learning that they should snub people who don't fit into their category. I really feel sorry for the kid who stood up and said something at the soccer banquent about Bush winning, since you obviously haven't told her about her body, her choices, you've only told her that it's wrong. I just feel really sad about it all.

BTW, WildChild said she'd vote for Gore if she was old enough. She watched all of the debates with us. She doesn't like Bush. I explained to her the issue of appointing the court justices, and why it was a big deal. Guess what, a 10yo 'child' can understand that it is HER body and HER choice. She even is smart enough to know that taking money away from schools for vouchers isn't a good idea. To quote her: "Mom, if they take that money away, how are the schools going to get better? Won't they just get worse?" I love her. She told me she was proud of me for voting, since it is "important and all Mom", and I suspect, because I voted for Gore. I just wish I could get a big 'ol sticker that says I voted like they give out at the polls.

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