November 02, 2000

Natcham jada (Not-chahm jah-dah) To take a nap.

OK, I finally made an archives-type page. I think I'm doing it OK, but if anyone finds a link that is dead, will you please let me know? I also need to spend some time on the rest of the site since most of it is dead now. I am trying to put all the pictures in one place instead of lumping everything in one directory. I had to go through each entry for each day to check the picture links. I think I got them all.

This isn't long, and I doubt I'll even toss it on the notify page. I just wanted to do the archives and throw something up here real quick. I'm getting ready to drive to the Hump and apply for yet another job. I'm hoping that the job gods will smile down on me pretty soon.

(1334, same day)

OK, it looks like I have a few more minutes. I didn't realize that John had taken my truck this morning. He finally called me back and mentioned something apologetic and mumbled something about putting gas in the truck as penance. I'll let him slide this time.

On Hallowe'en, WildChild was something called a Spider Bride. It was nothing more than a teeny-bopper cheap goth-like dress and a black veil. We really need to start thinking about a costume much earlier next year. She had a good time though. We went to the Hump and walked around the main "Haunted Hallow's Way" area. Tables had been set up and people were handing out candy. I think that I'd like to host a table next year. I feel horribly let down since we weren't able to decorate or anything this year. Having the big front porch for the last three years made trick or treating fun! We'd block off the porch from all light. Blacklights would be in all the corners, casting an appropriately purple eerie glow. We decorated a huge cooler to look like a coffin, filled it with white fiberfill sitting on top of dozens of glow sticks that had been "turned" on. The kids had to walk up to the coffin to get their bags of candy. Yes, I hand out little bags. I don't like the kids to say that someone got more, so we make up hundreds of the bags in a little factory line some evening and that's it. Quick and easy and worth the effort. Next year I would like to see more tables and more creativity for the kids. If I had known about it sooner this year, I would have done my own.

We are converting the apartment back to 220 pretty soon. We realized, after checking the electric meter obsessively this month, that the 5000 watt transformer that is constantly on is killing us. It is depressing to see our meter reading (about 500 clicks) compared to the neighbor across the hall (about 150 clicks). John can do the wiring stuff himself, and we've already picked up a few transformers already. Do you guys realize how much electricity a stupid coffee pot uses?? Since all of our appliances are 110, we'll only need one that stays on constantly, for the fridge. Everything else can be turned off at night, saving more than half on our electric bill. It's not that bad really, and will give me an excuse to go buy one of those super-nice Korean rice cookers that I've been coveting for a long time now. We lived with transformers for the two years we were in Germany, so it isn't like this is something new. At least it will give me more money to go shopping with.

Speaking of shopping, John went to Seoul yesterday. I'm insanely jealous, because he went to the big electronics market area in Itaewon. I want to go there in the worst way, but won't unless I've got some money to spend. Hopefully we'll have some soon. The claim for all of the items stolen in the move is covered by our insurance company, so that means we won't have the military taking depreciation on everything. Like how do you depreciate a damned DVD movie anyway? It's just a long, slow process waiting for the paperwork to go back and forth between here and the States. The claim for the damaged items will be with the military, so we'll be lucky to get enough to eat lunch one day.

John is here finally, so I'll end this. Wish me luck with this job. Since it's not in the same system as the last one I applied for, hopefully the process won't be as slow. The application looks good and I've got the appropriate supplemental paperwork. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed!

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