October 30, 2000

Choun haru ponaeshipshio. (Choh-uun hah-ruu poh-nay-sheep-shee-oh) Have a nice day.

know, I know. 4 days? What was I thinking? Where the hell was I? Nowhere really. Just lazing about mostly. So let's see, from Thursday...

On Friday, WildChild threw me for a big 'ol loop and asked to go to a dance. Her first dance. Boys would be in attendance. Yes, I cried. Then I had to do my best Martha Stewart impersonation and try to make a pair of black shoes for her to wear with her costume for the dance. She'd been trying on my old black shoes and they were just too big for her. What I came up with was this: Take her old white Keds and "paint" them black. So I had to run around the apartment trying to find a black Sharpie to color on the shoes. Found every color but black. Finally got in touch with John, who, as usual, had a much better idea. Use the leather dye he's got for his boots. Well DUH Michelle! So I laid out the little towel and went to work on the shoes. I won't say they are the most beautiful things in the world, but they are, for the most part, black. I got voted Cool Mom of the Day by WildChild and her friends since I agreed to be the taker and picker-upper. I talked on AIM muchly that afternoon, trying not to think about this being her first dance. My mantra became "she still thinks boys are icky". When I picked them up, the girls tried to convince me that WildChild danced with a boy. I did my best not to look panicked. WildChild, of course, denied this up and down and a few other directions. The mantra came in handy about that point.

Saturday was soccer game morning. We were the designated Snack Parents that morning. We cut up some oranges and brought juice boxes and some of those peanut butter crackers. Big hit! The Blaze tied the game, which is better than losing I guess. It was cold and overcast, and the kids just didn't seem that motivated. There's two more games, this coming Saturday morning. If they win both, they will still have the best record in their age group. Everyone keep your fingers crossed, ok??

Saturday afternoon we just kind of laid around trying to stay warm. We made some food, played a few games of Life, watched old movies. I think I'm becoming unnaturally attached to my blanket. It's with me everywhere (why yes, I am sitting here all wrapped up in it as I type this!). I don't want to share it. I need to make some extra money so I can buy John and WildChild their own and they can stop trying to steal mine.

Yesterday John agreed to go to the grocery store. Have I mentioned that I love him dearly and muchly and that I won't share him either? He cooks, too. I baked some bread. Yes, in a bread machine, lest any of you think that I'm actually turning into SusieHomemaker willingly. It was another day of lazing about like lemurs (do they laze?). Yeah, I can see you all now, sitting on the edges of your chairs, wondering what amazing thing is going to happen next. No, you can't be me, I don't care how jealous you are!

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