October 26, 2000

Chigopul kuhashimnikka? (Chee-gah-pule kuu-hah-sheem-nee-kkah?) Are you looking for employment?

OK, so I didn't get the job. Obviously I haven't committed hari-kari yet, but I'm keeping my options open. It was a few sucky phone calls, but I appreciate the woman calling me and being honest. When she called the first time, she had mistakenly thought that I didn't even make the list. I was good, I didn't scream in her ear. I calmly asked who I would speak to so I could ask about WHY I wasn't qualified. She called me back a short time later to tell me that I was qualified, but only at the lowest level. That still pisses me off but at least I know what I'm working with here.

Let's talk about something happier, ok?

I finally got WildChild in to see the doctor yesterday morning. We ended up being late because traffic SUCKED on the drive in. We ran up to the desk and I must have looked either frantic or crazed, because they agreed to see us anyway. The doctor is the flight surgeon for John's unit and was very nice. He joked with WildChild, asking her if she was there because her hair was turning colors. She's fine, it's just a cold. He did refill the scrip for her Albuterol inhalers. Since they are going to be burning the rice fields soon, and since she had so many problems with upper respitory problems during the fall/winter when we lived in WA, he said it was best to get her started on it regularly again. She's almost coordinated enough now to not use the chamber thingy anymore. The doctor even gave me his direct office phone number in case we have problems getting an appointment again. I thought that was extremely nice of him. It's too frustrating to hear that we can't get seen when she's sick.

To update those wondering about my fingernail obsession...yes, I did find a kit to do my own nails. The first go was pretty ugly, but I did an honest to goodness fill on my own two days ago and they look damn good. I've finally figured out how to do all the filing and smoothing and buffing. I still mangled up my cuticles pretty bad, but not much worse than the beauty shop did. I think it hurts less when I know that I did it to myself. I even had a minor emergency where I broke off a portion of the acrylic without breaking the nail. I actually fixed it and you can't tell the difference now. Damn I'm good!

It's really cold this morning. I'm listening to the military radio station and they just mentioned something about 25 degrees. Now, in celcius, that would be hot, so DAMN, it's actually COLD now! It's bouncing between the 20s to the upper 60s. No wonder we're all getting sick! I should be opening up the box with all my winter clothes and hanging them up. There's a slight shortage of closet space here in the apartment so I'm not real sure where we're going to put the summer things. Anyone got any of those nifty space bags to donate to the space-challenged?

Here is a link to a page that made me laugh muchly. If you are religious in any way, you probably don't want to go look at it, trust me. I loved it though.

I'm going to go look for a job now...

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